It's the time of de year. Nope, I am not saying it is Valentine's month, though it indeed is.. *wink*
It's BONUS time of de year... hooray!! Everyone in the company usually looked forward for this time of the year whereby there will be salary increment and bonuses announced.
Generally this year we got better bonus than 2005. I ain't complaining! Who will, rite?
Year 2006 has been a fruitful year for me and my team. Voted Best Employee, Best Quality, Best Project team - all comes with monetary reward. I've heard ppl complaining why all good things come to Singapore team, I am sadden by this.. little did they know that before this, none of them from HQ bother about SG team. They were practically abandoned until we showed them what we can do!
Anyway, even before those money were deposited to my bank account, it is virtually gone - with a bulk of it went to paying my credit card bills. Finally, I can heaved a sigh of relief because the burden that I have been carrying for the past years has been lifted! I have really serious doubt that if I had not been working for my current company, I would be able to clear my debts that soon.
This comp may not be the best in other ppl's opinion but to me, I am really thankful and grateful to them. Management style may not be to my liking but deep down they do show appreciation to the right employee. Hence, I do not mind working late hours, asking for more stress (though it is really unthinkable why would any sane mind ask for more stress??) because in a way, I am showing my gratitute.
Of course part of this pay out is used for my parent's allowances, for my new home reno - which estimated to be in six-digit figure. I only know me and my siblings will have to work hard for the monthly instalments, renovations, fixtures and furnitures, utilities, maintenance, etc etc etc..on top of that the current car instalments etc. 'Shiong' leh.. Not to mention if we were to get an apartment in SG.. that will be another different ball game! Looks like all those shopping spree that I am used to every month will have to take the back seat..
Just realised there is some policy in SG which is applicable to us that we cannot purchase new HDB unit..darn! There goes the government subsidised housing.. sigh!!!

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