Shopping! Shopping!

I read with interest a friend's blog that she engaged in some retail therapy over the weekend. I agree with her that it is a bad habit. However, festive season is just around the corner. Engaging in some buying spree is not such a bad idea..hahaha..
YT and I also went on a shopping spree on Saturday. Luckily I met up with my boss over lunch for some discussion prior to shopping else I will be spending more than I should..haha..
Went to Marina Sq to alter my pants. On the way, I told YT I will not be buying shoes cos I do not have the urge to do so. He gave me this very sceptical look, which I ignored, obviously. I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans. Not sure if anyone out there have the same problem but somehow, I felt that I look fat in jeans.. shucks!! We went to Levi's to try out some jeans.. gosh.. makes me butt look huge or could it be the mirror?? I end up empty handed but YT got himself a new pair of jeans again.. :(
Har.. went to Topshop, where t-shirts are always a steal there! Then I saw their jeans, which looks nice, so might as well try it on.. voila..fitted juz nice!!! Gotta buy it.. spent what I needed to spend and I completed my CNY clothes shopping.
It's good to shop at Marina.. every $100 spent entitles shopper a free tin of Almond Cookies.. we got 2 tins for free. Cookies are good leh.
We were suppose to head back home when I pass by Charles & Keith, so I just told YT, can I go in and take a peep.. nothing nice until this pair of pump caught my eyes. I saw this lady wearing them few days ago while we were at Starbucks.. now I saw it again! I tried it on..YT said it is nice.. I tink it is nice, so why wait?? wahahaha.. I got a new pair of shoes..hahah. I wore it today, very tight.. need to wear it few more times to loosen the leather.. Oh oh.. not to mention that after tinking, I should be buying more than one pair of shoes cos I threw away 4 pairs over the weekend. I am not sure if it is the weather but when I wanted to wear my heels last Friday, some have fungus growing on them.. YUCKS!! Even after cleaning them, I doubt they will be safe for wearing.. do not want to have athlete's better throw them now I have 4 pair of shoe less.. =p
[YT's gonna faint when he sees this..wahaha]
Next thing on my list?? I need detachable bra, shoes and some new year goodies for my family n his family as well..
Yay.. can't believe CNY is just around the corner!! I can't wait...

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