Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

One of the many food blogs that I follow, this particular one caught my interest the most! A SAHM with 3 kids and yet she manage to whip up really good cakes, dishes etc and her photography skills are really good too. None other than The Little Teochew.

Inspired by her Cotton Soft Cheesecake, I attempted to bake one for my dad's birthday! It was a near disaster.. the cake was practically in the oven for 12 hrs! Hahaha.. I attempted the 2nd time earlier this week and this time round, I made a real small cake and I finish it on my own..that spells FAT. It was a success..Happy! Next time I will bake the same cake again and decorate it..

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake (recipe from here)

After Work Party

New Asia Bar. A place that we frequent during our dating days. It was really a crowded place but today was quiet though they hv this every Tuesday After Work party at $15 entrance fee + free drink per person.
Hubby suggested this place after work today to wind down. We're both stressed at work recently.

Dressed up for a night of partying!!

Breathtaking view from 71st floor! Awesome!!


I've always been fascinated by how those professional photogs capturing beautiful moments.. The angles, the story a photo tells.
I too wanted to jump into this bandwagon n I consider myself far fr amateur. Haha..

Using my trusted iPhone camera to capture the breathtaking Singapore's financial district.

And there's always idiot-proof app that helps to make the photos look artsy-fartsy.


Finally he graduated! A very long journey for both of us..4 years of hardwork, sweat and tears.

I am glad it is all over... it isn't easy for both of us but glad we made it so far and finger crosses we will overcome all storms ahead!