Turning 3

It's a big small affair for turning 3!
It mark the real beginning of becoming a little man of the house. Mark the beginning of reasoning, bargaining and negotiating to get his way.
I don't accept tantrums at home or outside. No nonsense type of mummy. That doesn't mean I chase him around with a cane. I use reasoning and explaining first n if that don't work scolding comes next.
A friend once commented that if Zach don't ask for permission before going up for the $1 ride he'll get it from me. I beg to differ. I'm proud of my little man for asking my permission. It shows he respected me as mummy and he has his manners. No! I'm not saying her kids r ill mannered. It's just a different way of bringing up kids. 'Nuff said

Birthday celebration with my family! He had loads of fun and the endless smile on his face when he saw the cake!! Couldn't ask for more.. Thanks Aileen, Melinda, Jason, David & Rafe for loving Zach as your own!!
I had another dinner with in-law but photos are in my camera. Shall add that in later.

Turning 3 also means he's a 'big kor kor' as he always refer himself as. He'll hug Kieran and whisper I Love You Didi. I know if something ever happen to me Zach will take good care of his little bro (who btw constantly pulling and tugging him). Hilarious!

But Zach don't mind at all.

Still love him with a smile.
Gosh.. I love my little man more and more and more.

Home Reno - Part 1

Renovation started on 29 Nov with hacking of kitchen, toilets and cupboards.
All lighting points were fixed or moved. Now waiting for wet works of laying tiles and false ceiling.

No better quality picture as all the lights were gone. Will snap more nxt weekend. Hopefully by then tiling work are completed.

No fancy chandelier this time round. We do not want to spend another $1k for a light that we barely use. So we settled for this chubby transparent dining room light. All other lights are PLC. Simple and straight-forward.

Light for guest room. Gives a nice bright feel to the room.
More to come..
Excited!! I'm actually counting down to moving in early next year.


It's my favoriteee month of the year again!!
1. It's cooling because of all the rain.. downside? My clothes took longer than usual to dry and luckily they dun smell
2. It's Zachary's birthday. This year he is turning 3 and it is a big milestone. Cheekier (Check!), Faster (Check!), Nottier (Check!), Cute-o-meter (Sky rocket high! Check!).
3. It's our wedding anniversary and I suppose we will only be celebrating it at a later date. Busy at work-lah
4. It's Christmas and I start my quest to go around Singapore admiring Christmas trees and lights. This year will be extra special because Kieran is here and he loves shopping..I am always happy to hear him scream in delight