Back from Bangkok

It has been a week since our trip to Bangkok - finally settled all the stuff that we bought - they need to be washed, our laundry.. etc etc. All gifts has been distributed - all happy!

On our way to BKK

Trip to BKK was meant for us to get away from the stressful work environment (hb's of course). We spent our day lazing by the pool, taking afternoon nap, watching HBO, Premier League (MU won!!!), strolling along Siam Square and the surrounding shopping areas, enjoying good food.. all is good except for the traffic and whistle and bad air..

Fave coffee joint - Starbucks!!

A must go? MaBoonKrong

Yummy bbq squid! Their sauce is very very spicy

Ever famous pad thai noodle

They place importance on food presentation

Our small luggages - dear had a hair cut in BKK though..haha


This is the exchange that took place when we first move in together:

HB: Dear, I am hungry leh..
Wife: What do you want to eat? I cook maggi mee for you?
HB: Thank you are the best! I love you..

After 3 months of staying together and we bought a microwave, the conversation goes like this

HB: Dear, I want to eat maggi mee
Wife: Cook yourself lar..

Gosh!! Can you imagine it.. I am becoming lazy to cook even a simple meal of instant noodle for him, all because of the convenience of having a microwave. Wahahaha... I feel guilty.

A Week of Sinful Indulgence

I have been feeding myself with loads of sinful indulgence this week.. first was NY NY on Tues, then instant noodle with extra 'liau' on Wed, then Hokkien Mee on Thurs followed by durian for supper and on Fri, had crepes and Saturday is at Swenson's. Gulp.. luckily I did some workout in the gym on Wed and some tough house cleaning this morning! No easy feat to clean the windows, 4pc of ceiling to floor mirror, vacuuming the floor followed by mopping (twice!!) and scrubbing 6 pairs of socks and 2 loads of clothes to hang..I felt like a maid all the sudden.

We went to Geylang Lrg 9 for some seriously good Hokkien Mee.. noodle is cooked juz nice with plenty of pork lard - yummy! Not gross out cos it is my fave.. it was so 'xiang' that I forgot to take a pix but took this from the blog that introduced this stall.

Go visit his site for some good recommendation

Our dessert, Chocolate Mania fr Out of The Pan

Tom Yum Goong Baked Rice fr Swenson's

On our way back, hb decides that we should have durian for supper - $10 for 2 but not worth the moolah. Decided that I will not buy durian from Geylang anymore. Will go back to my trusted supplier in Klang...wahahah

We viewed 2 hotel ballroom setup today - Mandarin Oriental and Hotel Intercontinental. Hmm.. to me, both are about the same except for the chandelier which of course is much grander for Intercon..but the price is also better. Result: Oriental 1 Intercon 0

I should have guessed 1/2 of Singapore population were in Suntec today - we went to the IT Show and it was really jam packed! And I mean really congested.. the whole area was full of ppl, I can hardly breath till I had to leave hb to do his surveying himself while I go out to get some fresh air else I would have fainted! Seriously.. I could not imagine if the population grew bigger, I will rather stay home on weekends!

Virtual and Reality

Lo and behold..I met up with some gals, couples and a guy that I usually communicate from.. SingaporeBride Forum.. what's the common topic? All of us are couples tying the knot in 2009!
Virtual friends became real-life friends and it is such heart-warming to see all that promised to turn up, actually TURNED UP!!!
Few of the gals and guy ( of us is a guy) actually planned the whole thing. I must applaud to them for a job well done.
After rounds of introduction and ice breaking session, we end up yakking and laughing till the waiter informed us that it is the last order.
Oh, we met at New York New York @ City Hall. Thanks to Jason, we managed to reserve 2 tables for 16 of us and he even managed to get us a good deal for a dinner set (shall not reveal the amount here).

What more can I say, good food, good company, good conversations, good laughs and more to come!

My main course - BBQ pork rib

Chocolate mud pie - one of the 3 dessert we ordered per table (mental note: Order this the next time round)

Pancake - my take is not as nice as the others

Lastly, my all time fave, waffles!