Faux Fur?!?

New addition to our lovenest - 2 animal faux fur bedrest
One is sitting comfortably in our study for my reading pleasure

and another at the living room - for me or hubby to 'nuah' while watching tv..

Got them at 20% off from Tangs Vivo.

P.S I Love You

We celebrated V Day as a married couple this year and decided not to be caught in the commercial frenzy outside.. hubby cooked!!!

Of course we made it up by catching 2 movies back to back yesterday @ Vivo.

P.S. I Love You - made popular by Cecilia Ahern

The show is abit boring and somehow, I can't relate Hilary Swank to Holly. When I read the book, I actually cried and cried but for the show - I can't wait for it to end. It did not help when 2 woman who is sitting right in the first row switched to the row behind us..and the daugher (I presume) is trying to explain the story to her mom in Mandarin and they are so loud. We turned behind several times, until at one point I am so pissed, I walked out of the cinema hall to lodge a complain and got them removed to their original seat! Haha...

On V Day, hubby decide to test his culinary skills once again by cooking. I dreaded it though it is a plus point for him for being thoughtful and sweet. I prepared the pork (kinda instant) and other stuff while he is the one facing the hot wok! Wahaha..

Pork and free marinade provided by MarketPlace @ Raffles City

Dear in action

What's cooking?? Yummy potato croquettes

The complete meal - delicious..

Of course the downside, I had to clean and wipe the entire house after that but still manage to catch Amazing Race Asia - hooray to Singapore team for winning!!!

P.S I love you dearest!!!

Happy Rat 'ear

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
Elder sis is so sweet to made us a jigsaw puzzle for our new place - the finish product which is sitting nicely at our foyer.

I had a week long break from work and head off back home to spend some quality time with mom n dad!! There was some drama back home, but I am glad all is settled before the reunion dinner. My family is kinda traditional at times, n mom heard that this year, everyone must have crabs for dinner. She bought 6 crabs, cleaned it herself and steam them for our 2nd reunion dinner (we usually ate lunch for reunion)..yummy!!

My mom is really a great cook! We were too busy eating, I forgot all about taking pix except for the crab! Wahaha..

We were all looking forward for prayers during eve of CNY - highlight of the event?? Fireworks and fire crackers of course! We will not spend few hundred ringgit buying fireworks cos we will not be able to see them when we light them - instead, dad bought red firework, 4 of them (2 for eve of CNY and 2 more for 9th day of CNY). Our new neighbourhood is really happening (mostly Chinese)..we had a fair share of fireworks, equivalent to those lighted up during Singapore National Day.

Our tradition of rolling 'kam' or 'gold' into the house

All the sudden, I feel so senior at home. I have a niece (she is 16mth old liao) and a brand new nephew (he happens to be sleeping each time i see him)... hence did not manage to take little Kenny's pic.. Kaisher is so cute - can fake a smile even when she's crying!!

Cheeky Kaisher with a potential to be a karaoke princess, happy to be holding a 'kam',looking glamarous in oversized sunnies and happily carrying Mel's handbag - simply too cute!!