Isn't it nice to be pampered at some point of time. Times when stress has taken a toll on your poor body. Times when sleep is so deprived yet you do not know what is it..
I treated myself with a 2-hr facial @ Leonard Drake Century Sq last night. I had a few packages with them but I opt for Adv. Skin Brightening, an ala-carte facial. I love this one.. double cleansing, extraction, face massage, shoulder & neck massage, double mask.. yummy!!! Oh..I forgot, ultra-sound massage on my face to promote better blood circulation. I came out feeling so much relaxed, glowing face.. Haha
Too bad I will be facing with lotsa smoke over this weekend. We are having bbq party tonight and tmr night as well. Occasion? Will post it in the next blog with more pix as well..
Lotsa chores to do today and the good thing is I am on leave with YT.. Looking forward for tonight. It will be a great crazy party..

Mango Ice

I had dinner with Aileen tonight. Its been ages since I last had dinner with her. Actually I should say it has been ages since I did anything. To others ages could be months but to me ages is like days.. We went to this HK like cafe @ Pasir Ris White Sands. The shopping mall is nothing to shout about.. looks boring to me and there is this group of sales ppl that kept approaching any woman and asking them "Do you have any kids that will be interested in these?".. can you imagine they actually approached me? I look like auntie meh?? Jia lat...
Wang Xin cafe @ Pasir Ris is bad.. not comparable at all to the one at Marina Square. I had char siew noodle.. tad too oily. Yuck!
Dessert was good.. Mango Snowy Ice!! Serving was very generous.. this is a must try!!

Rings! Rings! Rings!

This weekend can be considered the most fruitful of all. Some hiccups here and there but after some giving in and serious thoughts, one has to give in.
I went back to the clinic on Saturday to get the doctor to fill up the medical report for me in order to claim for company insurance. Such a hassle!!! I need to pay the outstanding medical bill as well. Gosh, u know how much he charges me? $6,740.00 in SGD!!!!!! Can you imagine that? That amount does not include hospitalisation charges which comes up to $4,300.00. I can officially say that my savings has been depleted to NIL at this point of time..*sob! sob!* but, I told the doctor I can't claim the full amount from insurance, and he promptly says "No problem, I will get Cynthia (his nurse) to give you a 30% discount which works up to $4K plus..n he round it up to $4K with 5% GST..that is about $2.74K discount. Now I know why doctors can drive a Porshe, Jaguar, Lamborghini or even a Boxster!! A 5 minute visit will cost me $100, a touch by him will cost me $189.. :o
This may turn some ppl's stomach but the doctor gave me a photo of the cyst..

After all that.. I went to Paragon to shop around. Its been aeons since I visited Orchard. So much has changed. Many new shops sprung up. My fave fish soup stall at Scotts is no longer there. Apparently they are building some high-end condominium at that spot.
We went shopping for my engagement ring after that. You read it right! I know I know.. proposal is supposed to be a surprise but YT is afraid that he will buy a ring that I will not like, so he asked me to go shopping with him so that he will roughly know what type of design I want. I told him I wanted an emerald ring. Emerald as proposal ring is quite rare but somehow, I felt that I wanted something that is different! We saw this shop that is quite professional and promptly set an appointment on 28th Apr to meet the gemalogist. It will be a custom made proposal ring based on what I like..and at the same time we will be custom-making the wedding band as well. As for when he will propose, I will let him decide. I can only do that much..hehehe

A Bvlgari design but will be custom made.. definitely is within YT's budget!
Somehow, I like things that are squarish.. which even the shop assistant says seldom young ppl like me will like emerald or squarish stuff.. but hey, that's me!
We catched Mr. Bean Holiday @ Shaw.. it was a real stoopid show but I had a good laugh. It is really a movie to laugh out loud. Ppl even clapped at some point of time. Hehe
We went flat shopping today. There is this newly launched 5-storey condo at Marine Parade but the price is whoppingly high, $900++/psf. A 2-bedroom flat will cost about $800K minimum. When we heard of the price, in my mind, I have already felt that condo will not be within my reach.. =( but the plus side is, I went to Parkway Parade for shopping. I must say it is an eye opener. The shopping mall has all the shops you can find in the city. We don't even have Topshop or Zara in Tampines but you can find them at PP. The number of food outlets, food courts, hawker centre can easily match those at Somerset or Tampines + Woodlands! Hahaha.. I definitely must go back there again. The char kuay teow is a must-eat.
I saw from Travel & Living, Jamie's Twist on how to make yoghurt ice cream. My poor yoghurt. YT thought that it is ice-cream and promptly place that bottle of yoghurt in the freezer. I did not realise it until this afternoon. It was all frozen and it turned watery after defrost! I still use the same yoghurt but I dare not say the yoghurt ice cream will turn out creamy.. my bet is that it will turn out icy, then I will force them down YT's throat.. wahahaha...

Buck up

The rest period will end tonight! 10 days of resting is more than enough for mushrooms to grow on me.
Well, not exactly 10 days of rest. I do work in between, how could I not. If I do not check my email for a day or touch my work for at least 10%, I think I will grow even more mushroom to feed a family of 10. Hahaha
I can't wait to go to office tomorrow. I can walk pretty fast now. I can even do some light yoga which is good.
Next week will be a hectic week. Looking forward to it. Tuesday is stitches removal day, then catching up on my work. Wednesday will be an important presentation day..and I guess Thursday and Friday will be alot of following up to do.
I have tons of outstanding reports to complete. I have to justify why the project margin is below 10%. Gosh! I will be grilled tomorrow.. dreading for it.
Tomorrow night, I will be flying back to Singapore with poor ol' Keen. Why poor? He fractured his right leg. Why old? He still think he is young to be jumping around with a basketball...with his size. Wahahaha..he will kill me if he reads this.
Of course the highlight of tomorrow is that I will be seeing Dear again after 8 days 5hours and 30 minutes..wondering will he hug me the first thing he sees me? I can only hear his voice everyday and look at photos.. NOT ENUF!!! I miss him so much..

Good to be home

It's good to be home. After the operation I flew back to Klang immediately to be with my family!!
Mom is the best, boiling red dates water, old ginseng soup.. so that the wound can heal better.
But the thought of 51kg still nags me.. how to get rid of the flab ard my tummy?? Sigh.. I must ask doctor when can I start exercising, if not rigorous at least some light walking will make me happier.. *sob! sob!*
I still have some nagging pain like bruises type internally.. everytime I lie down or try to get up, it irritates me. I can't sleep side ways, cos the weight will be on the wound..arrgghh..I can't wait to be normal again!!!!

Removal of Ovarian Cyst

It was a life experience which I never imagined I have to go through..
It was just like any normal Tuesday morning when I walked into Dr. Gordon's office. Lynette advised me to go for a 2nd opinion hence Joy Clinic came to the picture.
He scanned my lower abdomen and showed me the cyst. big. He said not good to wait any longer in case the cyst grew and start twisting, if it happens, I will end up having one ovary lesser.. that really frightens me. I agreed for an operation. Initial schedule was on 13th least I have time for preparation but he said not to wait further. Operation was then scheduled the next day!
I did not have time to feel scared or think further. I went back to office in a daze, had lunch with YT.. everything seems normal. Then I have to write a super long email to my colleagues telling them what to do during my absence. I forgot to leave my hard disk behind which is even worse..cos most of the impact analysis is kept by me. Key Man Risk!! Bad..
During night time, I spend the night at YT's place. That's when I start to feel sad n scared. Scared that the operation will not be successful, scared that Dr. Gordon screw up.. etc etc. I cried and told YT that I am scared.. I only wanna hug him to sleep..couldn't really sleep at all.. tossing and turning. He kept assuring me things will be well, he loves me no matter wat, etc etc etc. He's the sweetest thing!!!
Come 8am, I checked myself into Gleneagles (like a hotel, checking in and checking out).. 11am, they pushed me to the OT, leaving me there for a good 30 minutes, while waiting for the anaesthetic doctor and Dr. Gordon to arrive, whilst the nurse is busy with preparation for the operation. I start to shiver while lying on the operating bed.. the lights are scary - too big... the oxygen tank is on stand by, I am put on IV drip.. then Dr. Gordon came in and said "Ok.. put her to sleep..." before I knew it, someone is calling my name "Kathleen..wake up, operation is over". I can only muster "Nurse, where am I? My stomach is so painful.."
Then I was wheeled back to my room where YT is waiting for me...I was groggy the whole day..dozing off almost all the time. I can't eat or lips cracked and almost bled.. the IV drip was mixed with painkiller for me to sleep and forget the pain.
Yeah..finally able to drink sips of says my urine is not up to I can't walk, I was inserted a tube to my urethra to help me urinate.. so 'pai seh'..
Luckily 2nd day was better..I was able to sit up for some time but not too long..must exercise the feet so that I can walk later on..
3rd day - I can be discharged!!! Yeah...home sweet home! Nothing compares to own bed and own pillow.. YT is with me all the time. I will not know what I will become if it is not because of him.
This experience is really harrowing - the report states that my cyst consist of hairs and greasy substance. Yucks! Let's hope that will be the end of more cyst in future. I am going to be stress free!
The only way to stay stress free is to change the current lifestyle..which I am trying hard too..mabbe after my 2nd half bonus is received, I will consider another working life.. Maybe.. hehe

Get Well Soon

I was called to office early this morning, 8am to discuss and brainstorm on a new initiatives, which is good actually.. session went well.
However, hated going to office when you are not well. Everyone tend to ask the same question "Why sick still work? You should be resting.." etc etc etc. Anyway, that aside, I am feeling much better after recuperating at home and eating all the home-cooked meal. Even my mom said I wasn't that bloated as before. Compare these pix:
During 1st day of CNY
I received a basket of fruits with flowers.. a very thoughtful gift! I am very touched with these gestures.. thank you so much!!

I must mention this here, mom cooked 'mee sua' with hard-boiled egg tonight. Yummy!!! Mee sua is from the prayers they had on the 9th day of CNY. The same goes for the egg.. aren't you feeling hungry now?This bowl of mee sua contains all the goodies inside. Anchovies soup base, mince pork + mince prawn, scallops, egg.. you bet I drank the soup till bottom. Uber good! My mom usually cooks this once in a very very blue moon. Wahahaha!!!
Do you know I have a niece? She's so cute.. I must post this pic up. Her cheeks are the biggest you can imagine. Sooo droopy that she practically stares at the floor most of the time cos her mummy says her cheek are too heavy! Very adorable girl - I must warn the following pix may be confusing cos Kaisher looks like baby boy but she's a girl, trust me. Hahaha...

2nd Reunion Dinner

My parents are such a gem. So thankful to have them as my parents!!! My dad drove all the way to SG just to pick me and Aileen back to Klang. He slept for a while and then drove from 11pm till 3am non-stop back to Klang.. salute!!! Now he is snoring away, cos too tired! wahahah...
The good thing about coming back is I get to taste my mom's home cooked meal again. Though she kept asking me to eat porridge, I declined, insisting on eating instant noodle, end up, ate ban mian. Hee. I do not want her to tire herself out. She's cooking a feast tonight. Pig's stomach soup again, wu xiang.. yummy! I am so happy my stomach felt much better though I am more bloated than before. Melinda's colleague said "Kak nampak macam berisi.." Darn! Actually, it is the symptom of cyst. Increased appetite, constant hunger, bloated ard stomach area. But..the worst thing is I am 50.7kg now.. gosh! I must start my yoga ASAP! No more lazing more sucker for KFC!
We are going for a reunion dinner again this Saturday. This time round, the family will be complete. We did not have my younger bro Jason with us the last time because he was away on business trip. Now that he is back, he's such a good boy, buying his nonsense sisters earrings and t-shirts! Hehehe.. love him to bits!! Heard from my mom he loses lotsa weight cos he is not used to the food to me, I wil never lose weight staying out! Mabbe 10 years of staying out change me.
YT and I will start looking for our flat by end March. Yay..can't wait for it! Couldn't start earlier because most of the weekend, I will be back to Klang either for training or for meeting. We will find one nearer to his parents place so that his parents can take care of me by boiling soup for me everyday! Wahahaha..I am so cunning but no lar...I am not like tat.. I will take good care of his parents! =)
Must get well that I can start running ard like I used to be. I missed the Mmphosis sale. Can you imagine that?? Being sick really has it's disadvantages. I bought the pants at $45 and my fren bought it at $19. Darn..