Get Well Soon

I was called to office early this morning, 8am to discuss and brainstorm on a new initiatives, which is good actually.. session went well.
However, hated going to office when you are not well. Everyone tend to ask the same question "Why sick still work? You should be resting.." etc etc etc. Anyway, that aside, I am feeling much better after recuperating at home and eating all the home-cooked meal. Even my mom said I wasn't that bloated as before. Compare these pix:
During 1st day of CNY
I received a basket of fruits with flowers.. a very thoughtful gift! I am very touched with these gestures.. thank you so much!!

I must mention this here, mom cooked 'mee sua' with hard-boiled egg tonight. Yummy!!! Mee sua is from the prayers they had on the 9th day of CNY. The same goes for the egg.. aren't you feeling hungry now?This bowl of mee sua contains all the goodies inside. Anchovies soup base, mince pork + mince prawn, scallops, egg.. you bet I drank the soup till bottom. Uber good! My mom usually cooks this once in a very very blue moon. Wahahaha!!!
Do you know I have a niece? She's so cute.. I must post this pic up. Her cheeks are the biggest you can imagine. Sooo droopy that she practically stares at the floor most of the time cos her mummy says her cheek are too heavy! Very adorable girl - I must warn the following pix may be confusing cos Kaisher looks like baby boy but she's a girl, trust me. Hahaha...

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