2nd Reunion Dinner

My parents are such a gem. So thankful to have them as my parents!!! My dad drove all the way to SG just to pick me and Aileen back to Klang. He slept for a while and then drove from 11pm till 3am non-stop back to Klang.. salute!!! Now he is snoring away, cos too tired! wahahah...
The good thing about coming back is I get to taste my mom's home cooked meal again. Though she kept asking me to eat porridge, I declined, insisting on eating instant noodle, end up, ate ban mian. Hee. I do not want her to tire herself out. She's cooking a feast tonight. Pig's stomach soup again, wu xiang.. yummy! I am so happy my stomach felt much better though I am more bloated than before. Melinda's colleague said "Kak nampak macam berisi.." Darn! Actually, it is the symptom of cyst. Increased appetite, constant hunger, bloated ard stomach area. But..the worst thing is I am 50.7kg now.. gosh! I must start my yoga ASAP! No more lazing ard..no more sucker for KFC!
We are going for a reunion dinner again this Saturday. This time round, the family will be complete. We did not have my younger bro Jason with us the last time because he was away on business trip. Now that he is back, he's such a good boy, buying his nonsense sisters earrings and t-shirts! Hehehe.. love him to bits!! Heard from my mom he loses lotsa weight cos he is not used to the food thr..compare to me, I wil never lose weight staying out! Mabbe 10 years of staying out change me.
YT and I will start looking for our flat by end March. Yay..can't wait for it! Couldn't start earlier because most of the weekend, I will be back to Klang either for training or for meeting. We will find one nearer to his parents place so that his parents can take care of me by boiling soup for me everyday! Wahahaha..I am so cunning but no lar...I am not like tat.. I will take good care of his parents! =)
Must get well soon..so that I can start running ard like I used to be. I missed the Mmphosis sale. Can you imagine that?? Being sick really has it's disadvantages. I bought the pants at $45 and my fren bought it at $19. Darn..

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