Last Christmas..

2008 mark the first year of me and hubby celebrating Christmas at our love nest. It is also the last year we will be celebrating as a couple because come next year, Zachary Tan will be part of our celebration.

We want to make the most out of it - spending quality time with hubby before the arrival of our little tyke as we both knew once Zach is born, we will have little time for ourself but most of our time will be devoted to our precious...
We have alot of questions running through our heads while putting up the tree earlier, will Zach be as excited as daddy and mummy? Will he spoil the tree by pulling and tugging all the ornaments? How many pressies will daddy and mummy buy for our precious? I will prob be the one that is splurging for him - alr made a list; train set, racing car, etc etc..anything that he want! Oooppss.. I hope I will not spoil him...hahaha

Hubby brought out the tree earlier this year since I am really having difficulty walking and squatting with my big tummy and swollen feet..

Fixing the tree

Spreading out the branches

Tree is in place with all ornaments hung

Yeay!! Our lighted tree - isn't it beautiful?

Blown up!

I celebrated my 32nd birthday today - a day earlier as hubby needs to do his revision for his exam on Monday.
This year's celebration really went overboard!! I've got an iPhone, a baby bag, baby's 4D scan and I get to watch Avenue Q as well.. the seat that hubby got us is good.
I can't help but to look back at how I celebrated my birthday for the past 2 years.. I was horrified at how much I've changed. To be exact, how much I've ballooned!! Jia lat, wonder can I get back that look..wishful thinking
How I fared: