Bad weather, bad cabbies!

It was a wet wet weather for the past week and I hate it!! Absolutely hate it. It means I have to take a cab everywhere I go. I was supposed to meet my gal friends @ Orchard on Sunday. When I woke up, the day seems good. I was happy. The moment I came out from shower, it was pouring! Darn..this means I have to bring an umbrella out, I have to wait extra long for a cab, reason being all cab will be taken, which I have another 'compraint' to make!! By the time I managed to get a cab, my shoe sole is all wet, there are dirt marks on my feet (luckily I wore tights and not jeans!
Don't you just hate it when cab drivers going around with their headlight indicating their car are available but they just whizz by, taking you are invisible.. Reason?? They are waiting for calls to come in. This will happen usually after 9pm at all areas!! I had this experience multiple time. I was pissed off, I told myself, I will never call for a cab. I rather wait and usually I will despise those who are already in a queue but because everyone calls a cab, they call too. Don't they know that it is us consumers who made this phenomenon? If everyone don't call, the cabbies will not be what they are now! I even took down some of the cab number plate, to 'compraint'. Hahaha
Lunch with Lynette & hubby and Ivy was a fun one. We had a great time catching up. All in all we look like a bunch of tai tai in the making. Having brunch at NYDC, Wheelock Place, chit chatting about work, family, kids, etc etc. How to control ur hubby's finance (i like this best!), how to make them share the household chores, how to take care of ur kids! Hehehe..
Nette's baby is very cute.. Alden is just too adorable. He is such a good boy, he dun need to be carried, don't need to be patted to sleep, he even drink his milk from his stroller.. what can I say? However, he always have this worried look on his face..haha

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