I attended my first solemnization last Saturday. It was YT's buddy's solemnization and an eye opener for me. Fyi, there was a total of 777 couples that tied the knot on 7th July 2007. Do not understand the craze behind it but.. as long as they are happy, I am okay.. hee
Sean & Clarris' big day was held at Riccioti @ Riverwalk, an Italian restaurant. Very warm and cosy. Though it rained a fair bit in the morning, the weather was surprisingly good when the JP arrives. The down side of it is that the whole ceremony is being rushed..JP arrives, ushered us to stand behind the couple and she announced that she will only need 8 minutes for her speech.. she tok n tok, then pronounce them man and wife. Sean and wifey signed their marriage certificate, took some photos with the JP and off she went.
We proceeded with lunch. I skipped breakfast in order to enjoy the lunch and boy, was I stuffed with all the food served!! I must mention their soffiato a.k.a warm chocolate cake with ice cream is good..comparable to Bakerzin

Prawn salad & Grilled calamari & fried chicken breast

Pasta & pizza

Soffiato and tiramisu - yummy!

I have decided to come out with my own invitation card for our solemnization. It adds a personal touch to it. I am contemplating on handcrafted card or a print-out card. I will do up both and seek YT's opinion...

My working desk is so messy.. can't stand it!! Will need to clean up after watching the 9pm show.. :)

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