CNY Outfits

I started my buying frenzy for CNY outfits from October onwards!!?! Some of them are from - a very affordable and good quality site for wide array of brands of dresses.
Top from Traffic People

Asos Bandeau Jumpsuit
Of course, I do get a few pieces from my regular place - Chinatown where I shopped mostly for my work dresses. I bought about 5 pieces the last time I went and so far wore 2 of them to work and left few pieces for me to wear when I start work on the 10th day of CNY.. keke
Of late, Robinsons also carry some pretty decent looking clothes that don't look too aunty-ish esp brands like Oasis, Core and Collette. I bought a few pieces during their member's preview sale..
In total, I have about 10 outfits to last me throughout the 10 days of leave..hahaha


Kieran is 7 month old

How far this cheeky boy has grown!! From 3.2kg at birth till date he's 9kg or more.. Haha
Summarizing Kieran..
- a happy baby
- slept through the night after 2.5 mth old
- loves pacifier
- loves putting things in his mouth be it food or non-food. Haha
- will wail if he finds his paci missing during sleeping time
- loves Zachary very much!!
- sticks to me like elephant glue! Even if he's sleeping once a while he'll need to place his hand on my face or pull my hair towards him. Lol..I'm not complaining cos I love him too much.

Chinese New Year

Final week to CNY 2012! Cleaning & washing are on-going coupled with we just move in hence loads to wash n clean. The room is in a mess!! I better get my act together n tidy it up.
I found some time over the past weekend to bake some cookies. Nothing fanciful, just bak kwa cube. It's pretty easy - cutting bak kwa into bite size and mixed into any pastry - I used pineapple tart pastry for it's melt-in the mouth experience.

This was so much easier to shape compared to my first attempt.

Haha.. The above turn out to be like Texas Chicken's biscuit. It's still nice because I used cream cheese and cream as part of the ingredients - FAT!
I'm looking forward to flying back on 1st day of CNY! Will be home till the 9th day of CNY.. Yahoo!!
Till next update..

Happy New 2012!


I was so pre-occupied with the boys, our new place's completion, my parents visit etc to write.

Last 2 weeks of 2011 is always the best for me. No decisions to be made during meetings, long lunches accompanied by shopping trips etc. Love love love!

Eve of new year's day were spent at Orchid Country Club for staycation. It was a very quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of city but very very far to travel out.. Not gonna stay here nxt time cos can't bring the city out of me even for 3 days!

Zach was learning his first step in swimming. Blowing bubbles underwater. So far so goof. Hopefully he'll remember nxt week!
Now, for NY 2012 Resolutions.. It'll be something simple and achievable and nothing fanciful.
1) More time with the boys doing quality stuff and not me pestering Zach to pack up or clean up
2) Setting up a fixed sleeping schedule for Zach
3) Fix my dysfunctional marriage. (2) is a good start so we have more time for each other
4) Exercise at least twice a week no matter how late it is.
5) Cook frequently! A healthy meal at least twice a week for Zach and Kieran
6) Holidays! Guess it'll be hard for me to spend year end outside of SG due to work commitment from hb so NYC for Christmas and New Year 2012 is not possible? Hmmm..
7) This is something I want N not NEED! A pair of Ferragamo pump. Haha

See how many I manage to fulfill come 2013..