You'll Know

You'll know when you are not in a shopaholic mood.. we knew it over the weekend. YT and I was at Dhoby Ghaut running some errand when we finished around noon time. We're supposed to meet up with his brothers and friends for a drink at Clarke Quay at 9pm. Not wanting to go all the way home, we decided to walk to Orchard Road..
Well, my sense of direction is getting from bad to worse. I pointed out the wrong way and we end up walking towards Bugis.. but smart dear found out much earlier and we lazy bums went to the MRT station instead!! Just one stop..
You'll know that you are a boring person when you are actually walking down Orchard Road, a road full of ppl and shopping complexes and yet you are not going into any of those buildings. Instead, you are trying to think of a reason to sit down and have coffee and wait for the time to pass.. We were at TCC, then Border's cafe then Highlander for some snacks! We felt like 2 lost ppl in Orchard Road, walking without an aim.. just pure walking and walking and walking..
You'll know you are not in the mood to catch a movie. Both of us were sitting at Cathay Cineleisure, deliberating what movie to watch just to kill time!! Imagine, just to kill time. We catched a real, real dumb movie which the moment I left the cinema, the movie title flew out of my mind. I only knew it starred Ben Affleck but he got killed some 30 minutes into the movie! BORING!
But not everything is that gloomy on Saturday, hahaha.. I bought myself a pair of RED pumps! I've been dying to get one pair of red shoes, which I think is very nice.. finally found one at Robinsons..hehe

There's a flea market at Clarke Quay that night, hence while waiting for my dinner, I sneaked out to take a peep at what they are selling.. thr's still stall that sells cute handbags and it's going at 50% discount..still quite ex though but after dinner.. and much thinking (I actually went back 3 times) and finally, the bag is mine!! Kekekeke...

Sunday was spent lazing and rotting in bed! I was having bad bout of flu.. YT as well. So both of us slept till 11am.. slept again at 3pm (YT actually slept much earlier than that - I was busy cleaning the house first) till 5.30pm.. then we slept at 11.30pm at night! PIG!!!

Kind deed

Whenever I picked up coins along my way, be it 5cents, 10cents or 50cents, I considered that day as lucky.. 'chap tou chien'. Hahaha
As I was walking back earlier, I chanced upon a wallet with some notes.. I mean $$ notes. Of course, at this situation, I will not just take the money and go away. I stood there, searching for any identification.. some indian muslim name. EP holder.. thr's a number..hmm, I should call. Before I can call, this man came up and said.. "I couldn't be much happier.." I asked him "Is this your wallet? You dropped it?" The man "Yes.. thank you so much!!"
As he was walking away, he got some good scolding from his friend..hahaha..
It feels good to be able to do some good deed.. though I did not get the money (not that I wanted) but it is considered lucky to chance upon $$ too..wahahaha..
Doing good deed today, hoping that one day if I happen to be muddle-headed to lose my purse, some kind soul will return it to me as well..will they?

So outdated

I was up early this morning.. I have this bad habit of not being able to sleep if I know I need to do something, especially if that something is about cleanliness! Wahahaha.. YT was like.. sleep abit longer dear.. it's only 7am. I was up at 4am! Managed to toss & turn till 7am. Enough is enough, I got up and start clearing my stuff from the store room. It was left there for months after I moved to this new place.. its time for spring-cleaning.
Managed to clear 1/2 of it by 9am, head to Cafe Cartel for breakfast and then to Simei to clear my stuff there. Yeap.. my stuff is all over the place! Hahaha..
Guess what, while clearing, I found this really old fashion handphone that I remembered I bought for my dad in Singapore. Yuck.. no one use it anymore. Of course I threw it away..kekeke..

It's a SE model

We catched Wild Hogs later in the afternoon. It was a light-hearted movie which helps to clear my stress away. I was stressed over the last week due to work. What else.. work is getting depressing for me. Its bad news, u noe..

I need more time!

Ever had that feeling where you wish that the day is longer.. 24 hrs is really insufficient to do many things.. I felt lethargic after the weekend. I needed a weekend where I can laze at home, lie on my bed and watch TV.. do nothing.. time to eat, I will eat, time to sleep, I will sleep. Weekend that I do not need to iron my clothes, wash my clothes or do the housework!!!!
I gave some internal training on Friday and Saturday..there goes my Saturday! :( However, I did get to enjoy some off time from the office, which is a relieve as well.
After training on Friday, I have to rush back to office to meet YT and his friend for Casa Merah's private preview. I was under the assumption that I can take my own sweet time and it will not be crowded. Boy, how wrong was I. The MRT was crowded.. the walk way to the site is crowded. The entrance is even more crowded. When we reached, the queue number is 1000+ and the queue number I got is 1506! It was 6.45pm then.. hordes of ppl, tempers bound to flare. Everyone is shoving here and there, shouting at the security guard "Why can she go in, why can't I go in?" It was already 9.30pm when we managed to squeeze our way in..that is the first part of squeezing.. going into the showflat is another story altogether. Queueing to book a unit is another story. This is my first time at such property launch. A real eye-opener. You will never see such crowd back in Malaysia.. hahaha

Dear looking bored and frustrated - he left work punctually and did not finish his stuff coupled with stress for his studies..hehe and of course the horrendous crowd! This is only like 1/3 of the ppl thr!!!
By the time we finish, it is time for dinner. I reached home at 12.30am and I need to prepare for the next day's training! Arrgghhh...
The weather is so bad.. after training on Saturday we were standing in the rain waiting for cabs. Its so frustrating waiting for cab.. when you need one, you will not get it, when you don't need one, there's plenty going around, empty summore!
We went for tea @ Goodwood Park on Sunday. Its nice able to spend Sunday with your loved one, drinking coffee, having pastries. However, the only pastry we had is durian!! Wahaha..its durian season now, and Goodwood Park sells the most delicious durian puff and durian mousse cake..yummy!! Can't wait for their buffet to start..I'll be the first to queue.

Shopping follows after the hearty tea..sadly my shoe gave way in Orchard. I have bad luck with shoes somehow, everytime I go out, I will end up with a new pair of shoe throwing away the old pair. However, I have to 'tahan' until we reach Marina Square cos we have about $200 voucher to spare, hence I practically limped my way there..hahahaha...
Those that has not watched Phantom of the Opera should go watch! Its such a nice musical.. I did not regret paying that much to have a good view.. the songs are nice, very colorful costumes. Even YT is amazed.. guess I managed to influence him to enjoy musical..hehehe

We were playing with my new phone, taking photo in Sepia mode.. feels like the 50s..haha


Preparations is under way for our impending solemnization on 8th December 2007. Yay.. finally we got our date and that way we can work backwards to get most of the things done.
Dear is busy with his work, studies and me at the same time.. he is so so so stressed up. Increasing responsibility and workload after he got promoted recently..he's complaining that everyone wants a piece of him in every meeting.. hahha. *like real*! Hence, I do not mind doing some research and sharing it with him every Monday, Wednesday and over the weekend when we meet up.
I am so excited that this Friday we will be going to the pre-launch of Casa Merah, Tanah Merah. I have been waiting for this day for months..since I saw them doing the piling works, etc. Anticipations! Heard that the price will be competitive.. good thing is that its near the MRT and public transportation. 2 stops to Tampines.. hehe. Keeping our fingers crossed this will be the one!

Artist impression of Casa Merah
After going to that launch, we will go to One Rochester for a quiet night out and at the same time its for us to check that place out..if it is suitable for our solemnization party.
Garden and table setting - what I wanted!!
At the same time, the engagement ring and wedding band have to be sorted out.. all will be custom-made.
Other to-do lists is so so so long.. first, must find a good artist. Any recommendation?


This long weekend is spend indulging in food, food and more food. I was at Vivo City waiting to board my bus at 4pm back to KL.. boy, it was so crowded, as if the whole Singapore is there. I wanted to try out Vinco donut, the supposedly good donut everyone is queuing up at Raffles City is not related to this outlet at all, the queue here is also extremely long, decided not to q up after all. I must try the one at Raffles City one of these day. I kept telling YT that I must take off one Friday and wake up early and q up..hahaha (so Singaporean)
My house in Klang is ready for renovation and everyone is busy dishing out ideas on how to renovate this house. Somehow I was not around most of the time, so when my mom told me how they wanted to change the kitchen, extend the back of the house and add in a pond, I was like, "Huh? I cannot imagine leh??" Nvr mind lar, as long as I get my own room with my own cupboard, I am more than happy.
This is the 2nd time dear came to Klang with me, the first time he felt totally neglected because I was at work over the weekend previously, this time round, he made sure I belong to him completely..hahaha. We went 1Utama for ring shopping - I must say the quality is not there and the price is definitely not any cheaper than SG. Conclusion is, we decided to stick to ring shopping in SG instead.
We had our tea break @ Ms Read. The chocolate cake is to die for.. YT had to persuade me for nearly 10minutes before I ordered it..hehehe. The word is FAT cos we will be having huge serving of food for dinner later on. No regrets though. It was really really delicious!!

YT after his hair cut..looks farnee The choc cake from Ms. Read
I managed to drive us from 1Utama to Subang Parade. No mean feat okay because I am not familiar with the road at all.. We had dinner @ TGIF because it was Jason's b'day. We had dinner there almost every year for his b'day. Kinda bored. The serving is really humongous coupled that I wasn't hungry in the first place. Food is still delicious, tropical sundae with orange sorbet is yummy... cooling!

Diners at TGI and its their tradition that the birthday boy have to stand on chair to give a speech

Some of our delicious main dish! Yummy..the broccoli is good
We went for bah kut teh this morning. Had not ate it for ages, still taste good.. right after dinner, we went to gym. This is the real exercise I had after the operation.. it felt good to sweat it all out. Fit to start exercising again, YIPPEEE!!!!
I reckon I will be so tired tomorrow. Monday bus back to SG is at 11pm tonight, will only reach tmr morning, will sleep for 2 hrs, then it is work again. It is a busy week ahead. I can't wait for the adrenaline rush.. I wanted more work! Krazee..


What meant to be a surprise did not turn out to be a surprise. I was supposed to give YT a surprise b'day party @ Costa Sands Pasir Ris. Chalet has been booked, his bro arranged for food, his mom took care of the food.. but I can't think of ways to bring him there and during one of our many many quarrel, I blurted it out.. hehehe
We had 2 nights of BBQ, which caused me to have a pimple growing on my nose..sian! Overall, the party was well organised. Everyone had fun.

Dear starting the fire. He din do a great job, end up his dear started the fire!! Keke
His relatives turn up..lotsa kids on Saturday which is good to help us clear all the food. Booze was aplenty.. all was good except the toilet was a complete turn off. I feel like crying the moment I saw the toilet.. never I will wanna use it. Dark, smelly n looks uncomfortable.. Sorry to say that but I am someone that place lotsa importance on personal hygiene esp toilet cleanliness...hahaha

All his mom's sister and bro's gf
We went to Lawry's Prime Rib @ Paragon on Sunday. It's April Fool's day and it is dear's b'day. He loves rib.. so naturally I will bring him to the supposedly best rib in town.. I thought it will cost me a bomb but surprisingly it is not that bad... I will just need to stop buying shoes for the next 2 months. Hahaha.. the ambience is nice. Fine dining, the wait staff dresses like English, only female wait staff will take ur order..
Thr is this spinning cold salad which a bowl is placed on some ice and spin real fast.. they pour some horseradish sauce and mix the salad and at the same time the bowl is still spinning. Salad fork is cold and the salad is served chilled as well.. YUMMY!!

I ordered baked salmon which is delicious and fresh..dear took their famous prime rib.. it was served in this big trolley and cut on the spot. There are some pix but I am not able to post it up at this moment. Camera is with YT..

The carving station, dear's prime rib, my salmon and our contended look after dinner!!
Time to go back.. I am so tired..