Life as a moo moo cow

With a blink of an eye my confinement is coming to an end. It's been up & down for the past 20 odd days. Stressed over milk supply, stressed over my messy house, stressed over not spending enough quality time with Zachary.
My day begins at 6.15am..
Pump for 15 mins, prepare milk for Zach, pump another 5 minutes, prepare Zach for school (brush teeth and change), wash up, rest for a while till 8.30am, breakfast, read the papers, express/latch, lunch, rest, express/latch, rest, dinner, express/latch, spend time with Zach, express n sleep!!
Alot of my time is spent with my pump! Luckily I'm taking 15 -20 mins max to express compared to an hr for latch. It looks tiring but I gotta psycho myself to endure for next 11 mths!

Kieran is very responsive to people talking to him.

He's not feeling too good on his tummy so sleeping upright is the best position for him.

That's the mouth he'll gv when you talk to him.