Christmas & New Year

Christmas is 2 weeks away!! Not getting super excited because my 'mid-afternoon' sickness is not getting any better. I weigh myself and my weight actually went down!! Colleagues commented I don't look pregnant.. is it a good thing?

I have yet to decide on Zach's gift. As for hb's I'll skip his since I got him a fairly expensive gift for anniversary so that will make up for Christmas and our customary anniversary.

New Year means I've gotta come out with new resolutions!! Muahaha.. Let's recap last year's resolution:
1. More bags & shoes - check!! Acquired more than 2 bags n 10 pairs of shoes but how come I dun see my shoe collection growing??
2. Lose weight - arrghh.. This did not happen! My weight was stagnant at 53kg.. Stubborn! Now I can't lose anymore because I'm expecting!
3. Stay healthy & happy - fail! Wasn't happy because of work.. N when not happy I get migraine which means not healthy.

Ignore the above!! Haha.. For 2011 I must:
1. Lose all my pregnancy weight by exercising!!
2. Learn how to roller-blade. Been wanting to learn but always too shy.
3. Make sure I save at least 45% of my salary. That also means no more cards spending! 45% will include joint-savings, employee share options, investments and fixed deposits!! Does that mean I can spend money like water like wat I've been doing everyday? Haha.. NO!!
4. Save enough cash for upfront payment for us to purchase a private property. I'm thinking of one for investment or rental yield purposes and then renovate our current nest.
5. Stay healthy! Be happy! More patience towards hubby, Zach and the new baby..
6. Oh.. How can I forget?? MORE HOLIDAYS!! I must go Japan nxt year. I don't care if it's to Tokyo or Hokkaido. I juz want my feet to step on their soil! Lol..

Boring entry.. Some pix to brighten it.

Our Christmas tree

Zach testing all Ikea's chair!

Little blue box inspired tree

Zach built this! He even catered a space for the little man to seat!

Our #2

I have decided at this point of time will not be creating a separate webbie for our #2. It may sound unfair cos Zach has his own blog and #2 do not have one..but well, the downside of #2? Hahaha..
I am a fair due time I will create one for the baby just not now cos I am still in my first tri and I am feeling so tired all the time and not to mention I feel FAT despite not eating like a cow!
I wasn't in the best of mood for the past months due to:
1. Work - things went horribly wrong to the extend I left a meeting halfway and packed my stuff n stay home for 2 days!
2. Work - I tendered my resignation soon after. Felt at top of the world with no burden no worries. I cannot be an executor.. Give me salary and I want to make sure the things I delivered are of good quality!! That's me.. Hence I felt I can't continue

Yeap!! I am 6 weeks pregnant.. Could it be the reason I'm so charged up n more irritant than usual??
4. Work - after doing my sums with hubby n not wanting to sacrifice on things materially coupled with insistent talk by 3 bosses, I retracted my letter. Not a smart move but I hope I can 'tong' till march at least to get my bonus. Doubt it'll be alot after all that has happened but any money is better than no Money.

I had to keep this pregnancy a hush hush for the time being, something I'm not very happy with cos I've decided to transfer to another team within the same dept and I'm not sure how my new little Boss will take the news. Sigh..
Told hb this morning, when I was pregnant way back in 2008, I also had to keep the news under wrap cos my boss is not exactly pro-family. This time round, the same thing again!! Why can't I proudly say I'M PREGNANT! And everyone will be congratulating instead? Maybe then I'll have a full term baby instead of delivering at 37 weeks because my mind is worrying any how other think!!

Can I for once make myself happy? Hmm..

One year older

None the wiser! My birthday wish for myself? To have higher EQ.. That'll really help me to get further in my career. Yep, I still want to climb the corporate ladder. Do not want the man to be juz the man of the house. Haha.. The competitive nature in me.
Hb booked The Greenhouse (again!) for dinner but was canned by me cos the food wasn't fantastic to start with. So it's to

Shangri La where the oysters were super big n fresh! Food selection was great.. Not much appetite no thanks to my sprained neck while carrying Zach during class. But Zach ate alot.. Till he threw in the bib. Lol

A surprise mini cake for me!
Next year will be a much better celebration.. I promise!

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

One of the many food blogs that I follow, this particular one caught my interest the most! A SAHM with 3 kids and yet she manage to whip up really good cakes, dishes etc and her photography skills are really good too. None other than The Little Teochew.

Inspired by her Cotton Soft Cheesecake, I attempted to bake one for my dad's birthday! It was a near disaster.. the cake was practically in the oven for 12 hrs! Hahaha.. I attempted the 2nd time earlier this week and this time round, I made a real small cake and I finish it on my own..that spells FAT. It was a success..Happy! Next time I will bake the same cake again and decorate it..

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake (recipe from here)

After Work Party

New Asia Bar. A place that we frequent during our dating days. It was really a crowded place but today was quiet though they hv this every Tuesday After Work party at $15 entrance fee + free drink per person.
Hubby suggested this place after work today to wind down. We're both stressed at work recently.

Dressed up for a night of partying!!

Breathtaking view from 71st floor! Awesome!!


I've always been fascinated by how those professional photogs capturing beautiful moments.. The angles, the story a photo tells.
I too wanted to jump into this bandwagon n I consider myself far fr amateur. Haha..

Using my trusted iPhone camera to capture the breathtaking Singapore's financial district.

And there's always idiot-proof app that helps to make the photos look artsy-fartsy.


Finally he graduated! A very long journey for both of us..4 years of hardwork, sweat and tears.

I am glad it is all over... it isn't easy for both of us but glad we made it so far and finger crosses we will overcome all storms ahead!

Awfully Chocolate Banana Cake - a keeper!

This recipe is a keeper! I've decided to start blogging down those recipes that I've tried and taste-tested to be good into my journal so that I can remember :)

Awfully Chocolate Banana Cake (adapted from Aunty Yochana)
Prep time: 15minutes

Chocolate Sponge Cake
4 egg yolk
100g castor sugar
120g self raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
50g corn oil
1 tsp vanilla essence

30g cocoa powder + 120g hot water - stir till smooth

4 egg white
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
60g (50g) castor sugar

1. Put (A) into a mixing bowl and mix them well.
2. Pour in cocoa mixture and stir till smooth.
3. Whip egg white and cream of tartar together till frothy (about 30s) on speed 2.
4. Add in sugar and continue whip for 2 minutes till soft peak (not stiff peak else it will be difficult to fold).
5. Take 1/3 of the egg white mixture and mix into the chocolate mixture. Mix well.
6. Pour the chocolate mixture into the remaining egg white and fold gently. Becareful not to overmix or the egg white will deflate and the cake will sink)
7. Pour mixture into a 9" cake pan (square or round) and bake at 175C for 50minutes or when inserted skewer comes out clean.
8. Leave on wire rack to cool.

Chocolate Mousse
400g (300g) Whip Cream
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp gelatine + 4tbsp water - microwave for 20 seconds
50g cocoa powder + 80g (50g) icing sugar
1 1/2 tbsp Nescafe + 1 1/2 hot water
1 tbsp baileys or tia maria (I omit this)

2 large ripe Del Monte Bananas - slice thickly

1. Beat whip cream till soft peak
2. Mix all the ingredients together

1. Slice the sponge cake into 3 layer.
2. Spread chocolate mousse on the first layer, arrange sliced bananas and spread another layer of chocolate mousse to cover.
3. Top with second layer of sponge cake and repeat (2).
4. Cover the cake with remaining mousse and let it set in fridge for an hour or so.

35g cocoa powder
50g (30g) castor sugar
150g whip cream
30g butter
80g cooking chocolate - I use white chocolate

1. Double-boil all the ingredient above till it thickens and become a smooth batter.
2. Let it cool completely before pouring it onto the cake

*measurement in bracket is the one I used - I prefer to reduce the sugar for health reason.

Busy Days Ahead

These coming months are busy for me..and when it is busy for me, it is busy for Zachary as well! Why is that so? Me and baby is one entity..I am busy, he will busy too!

Oct - workwise I am having UAT till 29th..which means I will continue to be working late till 8pm/9pm and then gotta rush home to spend some time with Zach
personal life, gotta attend hb's convocation (finally!) and then we have a 3d2n staycation at St Regis (can't wait for that!!)

Nov - workwise I have to prepare for product launch on 21 Nov (if that's still possible) and mabbe gotta travel to Taiwan for 2 weeks!
personal life - a very good ex-colleague is tying the knot but I am still contemplating if I should attend cos I really do not know my schedule..but I really wanted to fly back to KL to attend cos I have not seen them for ages.. as I age, I feel it is important to maintain contacts with all my good friends!

Dec - possibly support, start of new projects.. planning Zach's 2nd birthday. Will not have a mega party but just a small party at McDonald's for the kids to have fun!
Lotsa celebration in Dec..our ROM anniversary and customary anniversary. Should we even celebrate both of them? Arrgghh... just celebrate a combined one will do-lah. Save $$

New diet plan needed!

I need a diet plan!! My bulging tummy is really disgusting me.. Mabbe I should detox and really go to gym diligently.
Will start once my UAT is driving me up the wall.
As a kickstart, will eat fruits for breaky and black coffee as well!

Sweet tooth

Another visit to Once Upon A Milkshake.

Had Strawberry Agent ice cream this time round. Did not disappoint me at all.


Had a wonderful lunch with my temps and colleague at Riccioti.

Sobs that both Cheryl and Ming Hui are leaving (left). They're both good.. At least I know I'm getting quality stuff.


Tsk tsk.. Look at how uncivilized some ppl can be.

It's a restaurant for pete's sake.. Keep the smelly feet at home!

While waiting

Starhub service is prolly the suckiest around! We had to wait > 30 mins to be served and then queued > 40 mins to pay! The q was snaking long and only 1 cashier. Come on, there are like 20 counters servicing customers for mobile, cable, broadband. Surely they can afford additional cashier in such big outlet??
So Zach decided to kill time by snapping photos using my iPhone 3G!

Walked over to IP (International Plaza) today after lunch with the intention of getting some envelopes for my Modisch.Bebe online biz but can't help myself to stroll into Heatwave..keke and came out with this pair of shoe!

I wanted to find a black peep toe pump to replace my Schu which is nearly 2 years old alr and it's PVC skin is starting to look dull and peeled..can't find one that captured my heart so I went for this color and design instead.

I threw away 6 - 7 pairs of dated shoes yesterday and I have every intention of replacing them again..but of course if I ever find one that I love!


Can't wait to go for my LASIK eye assessment.. everyone's been telling me what a worthy investment it will be.

This will mark my 3rd assessment for trying to do LASIK and I hope this will be the last not want another hiccup.

Incompetent fools

Hate my job! Really hate it to the core..cos I have to deal with whole bunch of incompetent fools! How come my ex-boss theory of money can buy talent does not apply to this large organization that always seems to be spending tens of thousands or millions of dollars into technology that seems to be outdated or worse..supporting talent that do not give any support at all..

Yummy Yummy

Left these out from my last post..

Shark fin soup!

After dinner drink topped with yoghurt - the healthier choice!

I am hungry...

Travelogue: Bangkok

This trip really started off bad..I received an SMS from Jetstar informing us that the flight was delayed till 1.15pm! Supposed to be 11plus am..we were so excited abt going to BKK and thinking that earlier flight could mean more time to shop! Essentially, this only left us with 1 3/4 day in!

Us waiting to board the plane to BKK

We immediately checked into our hotel upon reaching BKK and wasted no time to hit MBK! Did not buy much exccept for 2 big packets of snacks, 2 pairs of shoes! are dirt cheap in BKK. BHT150 per pair ~ SGD7. Heart will not ache if it spoils within a month, though I am hoping they don't. Hahaha

Super single bed!

Lazing before shopping!

BKK is so different from 2 years ago when hubby & I were there, especially Novotel area. Not sure if it is due to the burnt down mall during the recent riots, there are so many peddlers selling their wares on the street which wasn't there the previous time. However, I do not find the items are cheaper than before though it was supposed to be the Great Thailand Sale! I wonder...

Yummilicious dinner + Tom Yum Goong

I had tom yam goong 3 days in a row, some days twice a day till I thought I was having gastric on the last day of our trip.. :p

It was my first time visiting Platinum though I was being told or read about its existence few years back. Somehow always did not manage to locate that building..double boo! This time round, we took a cab..and we were told that it is only opened at 10am till 5pm but on the last day, we saw that they opened from 8am - 8pm..ceh, got smoked.

Need energy to shop? Have a hearty breakfast!

We had aromatherapy massage on Day 2 at Healthland.. super duper shiok and it is pretty affordable at BHT850! I must try others as I really wanted to do some scrub and serious feet massage too..keke. Pressing for time, hit the malls to get Wacoal/Triumph, most Singaporeans highlight whenever trips to BKK is made..muahaha. Did not get many except 1 from Morgan and few undies. I need to revamp my undies dept once every few

Us before having our tight knots removed by the experienced masseuse

Our loots from 1 day of shopping! Luckily we did not exceed the baggage weight!

The last day was the worst day! We woke up early to hit Platinum Mall again to get some last minute stuff and rushed back to hotel to check out etc.

Our flight back to SG is 1.20pm..reached the airport, counter was not opened YET (we were told..) then one lady told us our flight was CANCELLED! and the next available one is 9pm..I really got a shock..near to disbelief. I am not going to wait 9hrs in the airport doing nothing..not that we have much moolah left. No books or magz to read..Angry! Called their call center only to have the calls disconnected TWICE!

Bye Bye BKK!

Finally, we paid additional $200 odd for Tiger Airways and managed to reached home by 6.30pm! I miss my little cheeky monster!! Such a darling..shall blog about our experience at Modesto's. Lol..

This trip was overall fun albeit rush! At least I have a decent 2-night sleep on a very good bed with 3 plush pillows and warm comforter..muahaha

Planning another trip soon..and will unveil a surprise pretty soon!
Stay tuned...

Cath Kitston

I was shopping during lunch time and I spotted this beauty!
At the same time another customer was 'bio-ing' the same bag (only 1 piece).
After pondering for 10 minutes, I decided to juz close one eyes and purchase it!

Mad about extensions

Did this set of nails last night at Yishun, a hom-based nail technician. Her skills are good and she is very friendly too.
Though the price is very steep but I simply love having nicely doned up nails.. it makes me happy to see them whenever I am typing on my keyboard.
I'll definitely refrain myself from going regularly, mabbe 5 weeks once?

Luv it

Simply love this dress that I got during our Oz trip last month.

Stretchy material and thick enuf to hide my bulge but not weighing me down.
Pair with a pair of nude color pump!

More funny faces

Mickey pose

Captain Zach Cape

Even daddy joined in the fun

I'm proud of Zach for coloring this (an online app) and saving this to my photo album.

Fun times

In foul mood cos my entry juz vanished into thin air!! My phone is driving me nuts.. Time to change when 4 comes to SG.. Hee

We're bad parents. In order to enjoy 30 minutes of TV last night (hey, it's Buffetlicious), we turned on Zach's fave DVD show on the portable player.

Look at how serious he look and his eyes is actually squinting. Hope he do not need specs soon.
Bedtime is fun time. Some days we read stories, some days we sing-a-long. Last night was funny faces on camera.

Zach nose rubbing action

Ooppss.. Think I reached the max no of photos to be uploaded!

Bad Start

Our trip started off with a bad bad start... :((

Reached Melbourne at 4 am SG time to a temp of 9deg!! Love the weather here... Zach was happy too.

Everyone is now catching some precious winks.. Hb did not sleep at all while Zach only manage a measly 4hrs. Me? Not impt whether I sleep or not cos who needs sleep when on hols??

Guess what? We're so gung-ho by not bringing Zach's stroller.. Quote hb 'we'll look for one here if the need arises'

Zachary, my pledge to you

Zachary is turning 18 month soon!! Time sure flies and looking back at when I first found out that I was pregnant to frantically look for a gynae finding out the gender of our baby and naming him Zachary Tan..remembering the days when I talk to him day and night, buying bedtime stories even before he was born..and now, my baby is walking steadily to the extend of running, babbling in his baby language, thinking that we would understand and of course I do know what he was trying to say, I am afterall his mom! *Proud*

Being a full-time working mom, I have to place him with my trusted babysitter, that came highly recommended by my bestie. She's godsend and I am lucky Zach loves her and her family as well! However, I can't help but feeling sad and jealous pang will hit at times because the amount of time I spend with him is only a mere 2 hours (exlcuding sleeping time of course) compared to him spending 12hrs with his nanny. Out of these 2 precious hours, 1/4 of it will go to preparing him for bedtime, me taking a shower, preparing his meals and packing his and my stuff for tomorrow.

I've read many articles and books that kids that Zach's age (before 3 years old) have brains akin a sponge, absorbing fast and so we have to guide them well.. It's like treating Zach as a piece of white paper and he is what we wants to write but if we decides not to write anything and let him be, he will turn out to be messed up and I do not want that to happen..hiak hiak

I bought many many books for him, trying to cultivate good reading habits but alas, I was not disciplined enough to sit down with him daily to read it with him *sad*.. the same goes for flash cards, educational toys, etc. Zach has loads of them, enough to accomodate a playgroup of 5 to 7 kids of his age!

I was always telling hubby how we ought to bring him to the park more often to expose himself to the nature instead of cooping inside air-conditioned malls every weekend and sadly, this never happened!


What we said we wanted to do in the past and did not get to do, we will fulfill our promise..visits to the Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Botanic Garden, Marina Barrage..


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

Thoughts Recollection

Bear with me for not posting for sucha long long time..

I was pretty busy travelling between KL <> Singapore <> Taiwan for the past weeks and I am now rushing to complete and send out some documentations and also finish up our Australia trip itinerary..been putting it off for the longest time ever and the trip is 2 weeks away!! Aiks..

I just need to sort out my thoughts and blog them.. =)

Counting down miserably..

2 more days to me flying off to Taipei for a week-long business trip.

Zach and myself flew back to Klang so that my parents can take care of him for the week.. I'll be missing him much!


Busy travelling in the month of May..

My trip to Taipei on 3rd May is confirmed and tickets were issued today and hotel booked too! Gonna be there for 5 working days..I will miss Zach very very much..Arrggh..this is the first time I will be away from him for so many days!!!

I will bring him back to my parents during my absence which means we will be travelling back to Klang next Saturday and another trip down to pick him up the following Saturday.

Rest for 2 more weeks and we will be off to Melbourne and it's surrounding cities..can't wait for our trip!

Then it will be a busy schedule at work!

Chocolate Chiffon Cake

My family loves chiffon cake so I made it a point to do some blog-reading to some of my most frequented food bloggers site to search for a reliable chiffon cake recipe.
This time round I decided to follow Aunty Yochana's recipe.

Chocolate mixture - I use Valrhona chocolate which is quite expensive but doesn't matter since it is for my family's enjoyment. Looking good..teehee

Egg white mixture - I substituted cream of tartar with lemon juice. Happy that I manage to whisk it to the right consistency compared to my failed cheesecake whipped cream earlier.

Baking in progress...

The outcome..

Traces of egg white because I did not mix them thoroughly afraid that the outcome will be too dense
Strong chocolatey taste and soft cottony texture!!