Busy Days Ahead

These coming months are busy for me..and when it is busy for me, it is busy for Zachary as well! Why is that so? Me and baby is one entity..I am busy, he will busy too!

Oct - workwise I am having UAT till 29th..which means I will continue to be working late till 8pm/9pm and then gotta rush home to spend some time with Zach
personal life, gotta attend hb's convocation (finally!) and then we have a 3d2n staycation at St Regis (can't wait for that!!)

Nov - workwise I have to prepare for product launch on 21 Nov (if that's still possible) and mabbe gotta travel to Taiwan for 2 weeks!
personal life - a very good ex-colleague is tying the knot but I am still contemplating if I should attend cos I really do not know my schedule..but I really wanted to fly back to KL to attend cos I have not seen them for ages.. as I age, I feel it is important to maintain contacts with all my good friends!

Dec - possibly support, start of new projects.. planning Zach's 2nd birthday. Will not have a mega party but just a small party at McDonald's for the kids to have fun!
Lotsa celebration in Dec..our ROM anniversary and customary anniversary. Should we even celebrate both of them? Arrgghh... just celebrate a combined one will do-lah. Save $$

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