Internet World

I admit that I am such an Internet junkie that I do not know if I can live a single day without internet connection!!
Internet has really made my life easy, be it surfing on the workstation, laptop, netbook and even on my iPhone! I surf alot..mainly online shopping (see next para), searching for information i.e. food, directions, research article for my work purposes, dictionary, news, etc etc etc.. sites that I use everyday without fail, Google be it the search engine or maps! Swear by it.. it's good! Better than Bing.

Now, online shopping really made my day. I can practically buy everything online not having to step out of the house. That's where the main problem lies.. I buy online and offline. How can that be? Hmm.. the shopaholic in me just can't stop! Sigh...

I found this great site I bought their Dermalogica products recently and found that their prices are definitely cheaper than those sold in the salon. I immediately ordered a few of my essential items and the good thing is it's free shipping! I save a total of $90 for 4 items ordered..the amount which I can use to buy another bottle of cleanser!

My goods are delivered in 4 diff boxes

Essential Cleanser, Sun Protection Booster SPF30, Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask (a very very good mask I've come across) and SKII Miracle Water

Impulsive and Compulsive

My 2010 resolution seems to be materialising..well, not exactly all of them but at least for the more bags and more shoes part it is! Maybe I should add one more, more books?
A moment of impulse today burnt a serious hole to my next month's financial standing. Luckily it is CNY and that means it is February, a relatively short I will see my salary coming in earlier..hehe.

It also seems that I have been to Borders almost every month if not alt month with a buddy. Usually we will go if there is a good promo for members. This time round we have 30% + 10% for members and it is a good bargain. Grabbed 8 books in total and paid about $85 for all of them. Average out about $10 per book.. what a steal!

Can't seem to rotate the above pix. As you can see, I bought 2 cooking books.. one to cook more tasty rice & pasta for Zach and another for my breakfast..hehe

Cooking Mama

Finally I rekindled my love for baking and cooking these few weeks. I always love to cook and bake, especially the latter. I was constantly bugging hubby to get me an oven and he finally got me one and at first, it was only used to make Fish/Pork Baked Rice for Zach but now..
I am/had use(ing) it for...

Roast Pork Belly a.k.a Siew Yok

Pineapple Tarts


Top of my list.. pizza, pies, cakes, roast chicken!!!

Dinner Date #01

It has been an awful long time, few months to be exact that hubby and I went out for a decent dinner without Zach in tow.

We bought a dining guide recently from Borders and decided that we shall go and try them out one by one about once a month.. that way, it'll be easy on our pocket and my waistline as well.

Our dining experience began yesterday at Brotzeit @ Vivo. I specifically asked for al-fresco dining and boy am I glad I did.. the ambience was great! Service was good, food was excellent..though they were running full house, we only waited less than 15 minutes for our food to arrive.

Hubby trying to understand the menu

While waiting for our food

Numberger a.k.a pork bratswurst

This pork knuckle is so famous that it can't be found in the menu! Ultra sinful but uber tasty

What more, we can see the new Resort World from where we are seated!

After dinner, it was shopping time. We're kinda done with our Chinese New Year shopping. Hubby's clothes and shoes are done. Zach's clothes are more or less done. Needed to get more bottoms for him and mabbe a new pair of shoe. As for me, I have enough clothes to last me for a full one week of CNY! Hahaha.. in fact, Zach's can last the whole 15 days. Ooppss.. I kinda went overboard in buying his clothes this time round.


Double your eating pleasure with our all-time favourite Pan Pizzas.
Buy 1 a la carte Regular or Large Supreme Pan Pizza and Get 1 Family Favourites Pan Pizza of the same size free.

Above were the promotion by Pizza Hut that came in a form of flyer. When I logged online, based on the word A LA CARTE, would you choose Hot Deals or A LA CARTE? Well, I chose a la carte and thinking that the free pizza will automatically be added to my 'cart', I was wrong! I did not get the 1 for 1 pizza despite ordering a Regular Chicken Supreme.

Not that we are hard up for the free pizza but the instructions were not clear, so I gave the CSO a call. She told me "You have to go to Hot Deals to order the 1 for 1 because most of our customers click on Hot Deals to order online". Hullo... if it is under Hot Deals, why didn't they use this word on the flyer like they did for their past promos? I told them they are misleading the consumer and you know what the CSO said? But all our customers click on Hot Deals... that's the only statement that she kept repeating over and over till I thought she was a voice player with recorded message and repeat capabilites! In the end, she said I could always feedback to her Marketing folks on the ad..hahaha.

So people that wants to order a la carte, click on Hot Deals first!