Life, Death or Work?

I must say this CNY is the worst I have in my 31 years of living. I was sick from Day 3 onwards and I thought I was okay on Day 4 when I went Mt Faber for dinner but how wrong was I.
I looked forward to celebrating 'Ren Ri' with my family with us going out for dinner with all my extended family and YT joining us on Saturday and my mom's cooking on Sunday and meeting up with my brother who is away in Mexico on Monday. How wrong was I.
On Friday, after lunch, I had a very bad tummy ache. I rushed myself to the toilet to relieve myself. I thought nothing of it, but come 4.30pm, my stomach cramped till I nearly slumped on the desk. I took my NETs card and phone and rush myself to the nearest clinic, knowing that they closes at 5.30pm. My pain is so excruciating, I can't describe. The doctor even asked me to give her some urine but my pain is too much, urine can't even come out. When I return from the toilet, the clinic is closing. She said I have to admit myself to Changi Hospital immediately for a scan. Suspect it is either appendicitus or ovary cyst.
I can't think straight. No IC with me, no cash, how to get myself to the hospital? I called YT to rush some cash over.. stoopid dear, din even accompany me to the clinic. I was left alone!!
Some scan shows that I have an ovarian cyst which causes infection that in turn causes me to have fever and some cold shivers. I was admitted to hospital which later transferred me to KK Women's Hospital.
There was I, spending 3 days in the hospital, in IV drips, getting injections 3 times a day, being disturbed every few hours for pressure, temperature check.. I was at their mercy. It was so boring at the hospital, but at least dear was with me most of the time.. he's such a gem, even bought me a bouquet of flower! Let me tell u abt the flower.. it was the first bouquet he bought me. Not even a valentine bouquet. He said that way, I will remember it forever.. how lame! Hahaha..
Anyway, I am given hospital leave for 2 weeks but do not foresee myself taking such long break. 2 days at home, and I am bored.. nothing to do, lie the whole day. The medicine taking is taking a toll on me. Each time I have to take the medicines (like a whole lot of them), I dread thinking I may vomit them out again.. vomitting is such a dreadful experience! I need an operation but that will have to be another month.. I m really hoping that cyst is benign which doctor told me is usually 99% cancer free but another bad news was delivered is that I have a polyps along my uterus wall. That will have to be removed as well. It sounded serious and I really am worried.. I can only hope for the best..
"Polyps are usually benign but some of them could turn into cancer after a long time. Polyps are growths from the tissue where there’s a mucosal membrane. When they are small, they usually don’t cause any trouble but if they big, they certainly could. If they grow in the cervix (beginning of the uterus) or uterus lining, they could cause vaginal bleeding and even impair fertility and cause miscarriage. The risks of developing colon polyps increase if you are over 50, have a family history of polyps or colon cancer but also if you eat a lot of fatty food, smoke, drink, are overweight and don’t exercise."

Mt Faber

Dear & his bro rented a car over the CNY period..I was lucky to be driven ard by him. Haha..he picked me up from the hotel on Tues night when I reached SG.
On Wed, he drove me all the way to Mt Faber for dinner @ Altivo. The scenery was great..breathtaking view of all the lighted HDB flats and on the other side, view of Keppel bay. Food & service is so so but guess we are paying for the ambience. We should do that more often, no no.. I don't mean the uber expensive food but the being chaufeurred around feeling is so nice. Hee
I am feeling lucky lately.. no bickering but juz pure bliss! Life should be like this all the time and I will not complain!

Chinese New Year Part II

As usual, CNY is a time for gorging. I stuffed myself silly with loads of bak kwa, pineapple tarts, oranges, 100+, etc etc etc.
It's the only time of the year when we will have bak kwa and soft drinks at home.
On the eve of CNY, my mom cooked plenty of food.. as usual, there is fish, wu xiang, steam chicken, leek, curry chicken, soup and sea cucumber with mushroom. All are delicious..especially the wu xiang, which is my mom's best dish..hehehe.. I ate all the mushrooms cos most of my family members dun really take mushrooms except me, in return, no one will ask me to eat the fish, leek and sea cucumber cos I never eaten those before and dun intend to try it either..scary!!! Hahaha..

The pot of pig's stomach soup - my favourite!

Uncooked prawns - which I took only 1

We have our usual prayers at 12am.. while waiting, that is the time when all cookies will be brought out, I will be eating bak kwa non-stop.. dad bought 4pcs of fire crackers from some underworld gang..hahaha... we lighted up 2 of them on 'chu xi' and save 2 more for 'tin kong' this coming Sunday. Hehehe.. we are not the only one lighting up crackers..most of my neighbour does so.

The prayers offering

My dad with his prized firecrackers!!

Pretty gals from Khor family..hehe

Lucky for me, I still get loads of red packet this year. Everyone is very generous, RM20, RM10..heheh.. no RM5 this year. My parents were the most generous, giving us such auspicious figure for red packet. I must give them more when my next 50% bonus is out. The money will be used to pay for the housing loan next month. The keys are ready for collection, we will need to source for contractor soon..hmmm..busy busy!

My grandpa's b'day was on 2nd day of CNY. As most restaurants in Klang is still closed, we opted for BBQ party this time round. As usual, food is plenty compared to what our stomach can digest. Mee siam, mee goreng, curry chicken, sausages, etc etc.. gosh!!! I stuffed myself again only to find myself sick in the stomach the whole night. I was practically bed-ridden on 3rd day of CNY. After lunch, I head back to lie down.. only getting up to go toilet. My stomach cramped all the time. I only ate lunch that day and took a bus back to SG. Tried sleeping but my head is aching as well.. gosh!! Talk abt being sick! I popped 2 panadols and head to bed at 1am. Causeway was very jammed up last night..
I need to eat lighter meals these days because there will be a feast this coming Saturday. It's 'ren ri' means it's everyone's b'day. Then it is more gambling. I don't gamble but it's fun watching my cousins and aunts n uncs play. Their bet is high, I cannot afford. Easily lose RM1K per nite..woah...tat's alot. I rather use the $$ to eat or buy stuffs..hehe
I am so lazy to save those pix out of my camera.. must get it done this week.. it's hilarious!

Chinese New Year

Yippee!! Chinese New Year is juz ard the corner.. but I don't feel anything leh. Quik, pinch me.
Here I am sitting in my dad's office, accompanying Melinda as she is alone today. Her employees all went on leave. So, I have to be here. Luckily there are some work to be done, like FSD documentations, etc etc etc.
I have not bought my shoes yet!! Arrggh... and I only wore slippers back from SG. Takkan wear slippers on CNY rite?
Yippee!! We will be having BBQ party on 2nd day of CNY for my grandpa's b'day. His b'day is always on the 2nd day of CNY. will be fun but I am predicting my grandma will be shouting away cos her house will be full of smoke and kidz will be running around with oily hands touching all her furnitures or clothes..hehehe...ultimate!

V Day

V Day came and went without any fanfare. As per my expectation? Hell no..
Anyway, guess shall not have any further expectation on V day or even hope to celebrate one..

23rd Feb 2007
Of course Valentine's Day will not be complete without gift exchange rite? Hee..
Dear gave me a Risis Dancing Duet necklace, which is sumthing I wanted.. It's 2 mandarin ducks which I believe is of good feng shui for me to wear..=)
I on the other hand gave him Andy Lau's watch..hahaha.. kidding!! A CYMA watch.. he wanted a NIKE watch but he has so many sporty watch.. n since u have potential to be promoted, u need a proper watch.

There are PM and there are PM

One of my boss likes to say "There are project managers, and there are project managers. The only difference is the letter". Each time he says that, I will go like 'Huh? What do you mean?" Here's our conversation last Saturday
B: There are project managers and there are project managers. The only difference is the letter
K: *Smile* What do you mean? I don't get you.
B: How good is your English?
K: Okay, not bad.
B: You never heard of such phrase before?
K: Nope, never. Can you tell me what it means?
B: It is like there is apple and there is apple but both apple are not the same. So there are PMs and there are PMs but both PMs are not the same. One may be better than the others and vice versa.
K: Oh.. now I understand.

Is there such thing "There are a**h***e and there are a**h***e, only difference are how big are their a**s*s. Hahahah...

CNY Dinner

We had our first CNY dinner last Saturday at Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel. There were a total of 20 ppl, supposedly a treat from the PS team to the other team members as our token of appreciation. However, the budget everyone gave is so pathetically little that they can only pay for themselves and no one else. I have to foot the rest. No complains. That's the role of PM ah...
Food was good leh. Lobster yu sheng, shark fin soup, fried pork rib (which I must stress one more time, the meat was the most tender I've eaten), abalone, rice and bird's nest as dessert. Of these dishes, the shark fin soup is the best! Chicken broth with lotsa shark fin, conpoy, shrimps.. yummy!!! was boiled in pumpkins, which makes it extra special.
All the above comes with a price of course. If I have more dough to spare, I will not mind spending my family to have such luxurious food..but I will still be spending them.. just not in Fullerton Hotel..hehe
The weather is soooo hot nowadays. Sign of CNY approaching but somehow it doesn't seem like CNY to me. My head is throbbing now. Falling sick soon.. I need lotsa lotsa water. I have been drinking like gallons of water over the weekend. The moment I came out from the toilet, less than an hour, I need the loo again. But it's good to clear the bladder..hahaha make them work harder!


All the past weeks of sleeping for 3hours has finally taken a toll on my poor body.
At this particular moment, I am having a very bad headache. Can't concentrate while the rest of the gang are busy preparing for some demo later today. Even when the water is boiling *peeeeeeeeeee*..I din hear!
Supposed to see a doctor this morning. The door shows that clinic opens at 8.30am, that was the time I went. Yay.. 2nd in queue. Waited for 30minutes, no sign of movement. Doctors are not in yet. What? I asked the nurse what time will the doctors arrive, she said another 15minutes and I am late for a discussion. I have no choice but to leave only to reach office and there is no discussion. Apa-lah.

What? Retail therapy again??

Yeap, u read it correctly. I went for another round of retail therapy on Tuesday.
The whole purpose of taking 40 minutes ride on the MRT to town is to order chocolates to be given to the customer. Then will walk to Marina Sq to collect my pants which was sent for alteration.
The moment I stepped into Zara, all the New Arrival sign were screaming for me "Come and browse, try it on.." hahaha
I must say, the prices are not high and comparable to those shops found in the heartland malls, so I was thinking "Why not? Since I need to get a white shirt anyway".. so I was 'bioh-ing' those clothes, I realised I was holding to more than 3 pcs already. Max is 6 per fitting. Thank goodness some of it did not look nice. I end up with 2 pc - one white shirt and another shirt, which now I regretted that I should get tat in black instead of brown. Mabbe I should get another new piece of diff color? Haha.
Then I headed to Raffles City, more shopping. Reason: I've got $20 Robinson's voucher to spare, and since I need some facial stuff, might as well again lor. $164 poorer.. I have this bad habit of stocking up toilettries. Not sure why. I have bottles n bottles of body shower cream from Body Shop that can last me for 1 year. Bottles and bottles of body lotion that can easily last me for 2 years and my shampoo is enormous.. practically, there is nothing about toilettries that I need to consider purchasing. But no.. my bad habit got better of me. I saw these Original Source body shower gel and shampoo that is so striking in color. I smell..saw the tag writing 10% discount. I bought. :(
One thing I like shopping @ Raffles City is because I am a member which entitles me to points accumulation. At the end of the year, we can use these points for product redemption. Can even subscribe to women magz like Female or Style. Better not reveal how much I spent a year on Raffles City alone! Hei.. give me the benefit of doubt lar... all gers are like tat one ah. Hehehe
Tonite, I will be heading to Marina Sq again!! Gosh.. more money flowing out of my bank account.. keep u guys posted. Mabbe miracle will happen (I will not buy).

Sinful weekend

The weekend that went past was indeed very sinful. We're talking about food here..and not anything else. Hahaha
I was back in Klang over the weekend on what supposed to be a surprise birthday for my younger sister, Melinda. Kathleen let the cat out of the bag when she casually mentioned that they should go shopping on Saturday. Hhmmmptth..
Anyway, Saturday is usually eating-out day. Went for breakfast with my grandparents (have not met them for ages..). I had mee yoke, my fave all time noodle. The serving is so pathetically small. Sigh.. The moment I finish the noodle and my soya milk, I am hungry again!!! Hahah.. but nothing much to eat. I have to endure the coldness in my dad's office cos was waiting for Mel to finish her work.
Can't stand it anymore, Aileen drove us back. I was lying on the couch waiting for the rest of my family to be home, munching chicken floss crackers. These crackers are yummy!!! Made by YT's mom. I alone finish half a bottle. Guilty!!!!
Yay.. went to 1-utama for shopping. Suddenly no mood to shop. Supposed to get myself a shirt and a belt. Couldn't find. The clothes are so expensive in KL, just not worth the $$. I was telling my parents, when I was cash-tight, I have no qualms on spending RM500 on my hair but now that my bonus is out, somehow I am more prudent. Calculating down to every cents, converting to SGD before purchasing, doing mental calculation on purchasing in SG will be much cheaper or vice versa. Final verdict? SG clothes is definitely much cheaper. Take example, Raoul shirt is about RM450 but in SG it is only abt $110..even after conversion it is so much cheaper.
My fetish for shoes too did not surface over the weekend. No mood leh..hahaha. Maybe I will not buy any shoes for CNY tis year. Woopss..better not say as I will be heading to town tonight to use my $20 Robinson voucher.
We went for Japanese buffet at Shogun after shopping. I tell u, buffet is definitely not my style. After my first round of sashimi and tom yum soup, I am done!! My dad actually fill himself till his stomach bloated. We were having fun teasing him..hahaha... will post those pictures tonight!
Sunday came and went pretty fast. We planned for durian but dad is lazy to drive all the way to Kepong.. :( . We settled for pizza for brunch!! Treat from Mel though she said it looks cheap to spend us pizza when we bought her hundreds worth of gifts..hahaha
Then it was off to Giant and then Jusco for CNY goodies.. reached home, packed our stuff and head out again. Mom did not forget to boil red bean soup, my fave again!! She also bought rice stick to go with it. Yummy u know.. case someone is so interested to know, I have bought a V gift for YT..hahaha. He will have a hard time finding out what it is and where I kept it..hahaha


It's the time of de year. Nope, I am not saying it is Valentine's month, though it indeed is.. *wink*
It's BONUS time of de year... hooray!! Everyone in the company usually looked forward for this time of the year whereby there will be salary increment and bonuses announced.
Generally this year we got better bonus than 2005. I ain't complaining! Who will, rite?
Year 2006 has been a fruitful year for me and my team. Voted Best Employee, Best Quality, Best Project team - all comes with monetary reward. I've heard ppl complaining why all good things come to Singapore team, I am sadden by this.. little did they know that before this, none of them from HQ bother about SG team. They were practically abandoned until we showed them what we can do!
Anyway, even before those money were deposited to my bank account, it is virtually gone - with a bulk of it went to paying my credit card bills. Finally, I can heaved a sigh of relief because the burden that I have been carrying for the past years has been lifted! I have really serious doubt that if I had not been working for my current company, I would be able to clear my debts that soon.
This comp may not be the best in other ppl's opinion but to me, I am really thankful and grateful to them. Management style may not be to my liking but deep down they do show appreciation to the right employee. Hence, I do not mind working late hours, asking for more stress (though it is really unthinkable why would any sane mind ask for more stress??) because in a way, I am showing my gratitute.
Of course part of this pay out is used for my parent's allowances, for my new home reno - which estimated to be in six-digit figure. I only know me and my siblings will have to work hard for the monthly instalments, renovations, fixtures and furnitures, utilities, maintenance, etc etc etc..on top of that the current car instalments etc. 'Shiong' leh.. Not to mention if we were to get an apartment in SG.. that will be another different ball game! Looks like all those shopping spree that I am used to every month will have to take the back seat..
Just realised there is some policy in SG which is applicable to us that we cannot purchase new HDB unit..darn! There goes the government subsidised housing.. sigh!!!