What? Retail therapy again??

Yeap, u read it correctly. I went for another round of retail therapy on Tuesday.
The whole purpose of taking 40 minutes ride on the MRT to town is to order chocolates to be given to the customer. Then will walk to Marina Sq to collect my pants which was sent for alteration.
The moment I stepped into Zara, all the New Arrival sign were screaming for me "Come and browse, try it on.." hahaha
I must say, the prices are not high and comparable to those shops found in the heartland malls, so I was thinking "Why not? Since I need to get a white shirt anyway".. so I was 'bioh-ing' those clothes, I realised I was holding to more than 3 pcs already. Max is 6 per fitting. Thank goodness some of it did not look nice. I end up with 2 pc - one white shirt and another shirt, which now I regretted that I should get tat in black instead of brown. Mabbe I should get another new piece of diff color? Haha.
Then I headed to Raffles City, more shopping. Reason: I've got $20 Robinson's voucher to spare, and since I need some facial stuff, might as well again lor. $164 poorer.. I have this bad habit of stocking up toilettries. Not sure why. I have bottles n bottles of body shower cream from Body Shop that can last me for 1 year. Bottles and bottles of body lotion that can easily last me for 2 years and my shampoo is enormous.. practically, there is nothing about toilettries that I need to consider purchasing. But no.. my bad habit got better of me. I saw these Original Source body shower gel and shampoo that is so striking in color. I smell..saw the tag writing 10% discount. I bought. :(
One thing I like shopping @ Raffles City is because I am a member which entitles me to points accumulation. At the end of the year, we can use these points for product redemption. Can even subscribe to women magz like Female or Style. Better not reveal how much I spent a year on Raffles City alone! Hei.. give me the benefit of doubt lar... all gers are like tat one ah. Hehehe
Tonite, I will be heading to Marina Sq again!! Gosh.. more money flowing out of my bank account.. keep u guys posted. Mabbe miracle will happen (I will not buy).

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