Blood Diamond

We catched Blood Diamond by Leonardo Di Caprio last night. It was a good show. Not entirely a true story but such place and events do happen.
An eye opener on how diamonds are being mine. The story is about a black man being separated from his family and forced to work in a diamond mine. One day he found a big huge pink diamond (along this show, it was said to be about 100carat in size. I was like wow.. a 1carat will cost SGD$24K, I'll let your imagination do the thinking of this rare pink diamond).
Anyway, all the killings and struggle of the blacks is really heart breaking. Those kids being forced to be rebels and kill the innocents.
After watching this movie, I realise how precious diamonds are. Those long hours under scorching sun, bloods from their hands.. no wonder they are so expensive. But because of the saying that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", many still purchase diamonds hence the continuation of exploitation.
Even before this movie, I told YT that I will not buy diamond. It is not my best friend. Hah... I want something else that other's don't usually have. He'll just have to put on an extra big thinking cap.
Catch this movie ah.. it's worth watching..Heh, I sound like a movie critic. 4 popcorns lar..

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