Lately, actually not really lately, it is since the roll-out of 2FA and TAM, I have lost the motivation to work. There seems to be no challenge at work. It is always enhancements, enhancements and enhancements. I need something bigger, something more challenging to see if I am suitable to be in this field..
I admit that year 2006 is a fruitful year. Awarded with Best Employee, increment and promotion as well. All thanks for the success of the current project in Singapore. I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. This customer always will have enhancements, will always give us the $$$... it can be anyone, so why me?
Arrggh... I could be like this because I am quite free at the moment, hence the thoughts running wild. Mabbe time to switch? But shouldn't I give this present company another chance? Hmmm...till I sort out my thoughts.

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