Back to Klang

I am back to Malaysia for 4 days. Partly for work, partly for my family. Have not been home for quite some time, since December I think. Somehow it felt longer than usual. Could it be because it is 2006 then 2007?
I miss Yong Teck alot! Somehow it is so different without him around. Though he don't talk much (yep, I am the one that is always talking non-stop) but still miss his presence (yep, he always make his presence felt..wahahahaha). Anyway, the saying goes "Absence makes the heart fonder" so just let him miss me too (wonder did he miss me??)
These few days will be alot of eating and be merry. Mom's cooking yam tonight. My favourite. Wonder what will she cook tomorrow? Saturday is big makan day..hehe. My colleagues are all coming (not all) to KL and we will be going out for seafood dinner, bah kut teh, etc etc etc..oh oh oh..before I forgot, still gotta go color my hair. It look's so black! Not to mention a few white hair is sprouting out, darn! Age is really catching up and I don't CARE! hehe
Gotta stop blogging now, back to continuing my test scripts. Sometimes I wonder why must I be doing FSDs, test scripts, testings, etc etc etc and at the same time still gotta manage those bunch of ppl.. but manage ur boss, ur peers n urself!

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