It was the most relaxing weekend I've got since I-don't-know-when.
Me and YT took a bus down to Seremban and took a cab to Avillion, Port Dickson. A sleepy town.. really a sleepy town. If you don't know, we will not be able to go anywhere.
The resort from beach (our villa is at the most right)

Big spacious bed..

The initial experience is not pleasant having to bargain for a cheaper day room rate all because we checked in earlier than supposed but hey, it wasn't stated in the website that we will be charged for early check-in. And to our horror, they want to charge us 50% of the published room rate which works out to be RM500.. gosh..
My smart YT finally manage to settle the issue by paying 50% of the internet rate.. though I am still sore abt the incident, but decided not to let it get to my head.
We slept all the way till 10am..then took a quick shower, decided to head out to see if we can find lunch outside the hotel. Boy, was it hot to walk.. we walked quite a distance then found some small restaurant that only serves mee soto (don't ask me what it is because that was the first time I ate mee soto..hehe). Our decision: we will have dinner at the hotel..no matter how expensive it was.
The walk back is much shorter..cos we took a beach walk instead of road side walk..hahaha
Time for a nap again! Tiring lar.. taking overnight bus..
Some confirmation of... LURVE!!

Woke up and it's time for some sun-tanning. YT loves to sun-tan, mabbe cos he thinks he is too fair..hahaha
Lazing by the pool, reading magz, watching kids playing n shouting.. so relaxing.
The pool is not fantastic but I ain't complaining

Tea time!!! RM25 for coffee + 1 snack. Nothing to shout about. Marble cheese cake that taste nothing like cheese cake at all, curry puff filling that is so salty.. We enquired about dinner.. RM80 for seafood bbq buffet!! We were like..what? Forget it.. haha..
Back to room.. rest rest rest.. sleep sleep sleep!! Dinner time.. not nice at all, food is expensive. Mabbe they can charge such exhorbitant price because holiday-makers will have no choice elsewhere but to pay.. RM16 for a glass of beer..RM28 for char kuay teow that is tasteless..
Nevertheless, this holiday is indeed fun because there isn't any calls with regards to work. We did not do anything spectacular except sleep and eat and watch tennis and soccer..
Bye bye Avillion..hullo Tioman

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