Banana Buttermilk Pancake

We are going to Yan Ting, St Regis for dim sum brunch today but I bought a bunch of bananas yesterday, thinking of making banana cupcakes later.

Afraid that Zach could not eat most of the stuff at brunch later, made one batch of banana butter milk pancake for him.


Cool Mango Dessert

I bought 4 mangoes over last weekend and was very inspired to make Mango Sago dessert for everyone on Sunday! Laziness got over me after I finish up 3-4 durians that night.

Left the mango to ripen over the next few days and finally on Wednesday, I got my butt moving and prepare this.

Should have done it earlier cos it was super easy and fast.

1 ripen mango - puree
1 ripen mango - cut into cubes
200ml fresh milk
250ml evaporated milk
200ml water
120g sugar
200g ice cubes
100g sago - which I omit completely cos (i) i am not a fan of sago (ii) buying one packet but can't finish them is a waste

Mix milk, water and sugar in a bowl and bring to boil. Once sugar is completely dissolved, turn off heat and add in ice cube.
Pour in mango puree when all ice cubes are melted.
Chill in fridge when it is cooled.
Serve in bowl with decubed mango.
Serving: 4-5 bowls

My verdict - I would half the portion of sugar in the recipe and maybe reduce the evaporated milk to 200ml as well. It's abit too milky to my liking.

My Top 10 Picks

Inspired by Bagaholicboy post on the Top 10 Picks of the most iconic bag, decided to do my very own Top 5 Picks on bags that I hope to own one day!! Cannot manage 10 bags because my craving is only 5 for now..

Well, to own them, I must save $$ cos I rarely bet on 4D nor TOTO hence no chance to say wait till I strike them..hehe

Here goes (in no particular order)

1. Balenciaga Giant City
I love their selection of veiny leather and vibrant colors! Come to think of it, I never had a black bag.

2. Prada Napa Gauffre

3. LV Speedy
Every girl must have a LV bag.. and this is my very first branded bag

4. Loewe Amazona

5. Miu Miu Coffer


I was contemplating on which camera to buy..many recommended GF1 which I was very tempted to..but the price was way too high. Even though hubby was glad to sponsor me I still feel bad.. tried to keep to my budget of $1k. =)

After going through 3 shops at Funan, decided to get Lumix LX3 instead. $660 and that kind fella waive off the 3% credit card charges.

I always wanted to capture pictures that are of DSLR effect so he recommended me a wide-angle lens and I happily indulge. I walk out of the shop $1.4K poorer..Ooopss...supposed to be hubby is $1.4K poorer..muahaha.

Thanks hubby for the camera. I am sure I will put that to good use rather than spending that money on another bag which I don't need at this moment.


I'm a greedy person.. I have so many items under my wishlist that when I did a mental calculations just now, it'll cost me a few arms n legs to have them all.
Here goes:
1. Large Weekender by Le SportSac (by Apr 2010)
2. Deluxe Everyday Bag by Le SportSac (by Apr 2010)
3. Large suitcase (by Apr 2010)
4. Camera - still toying between GF1 or TZ
5. MacBook (no hurry but hate to use the Sony netbook)
6. Balenciaga City/First in Moutard - this bag is nearly $3K!! I gotta save n save to buy it. (by Dec 2010). Not going to use credit card to purchase this!

Will not be surprise if I can only achieve all these after Apr 2011 when I get my bonus. No bonus this year cos I'm not qualified yet. Sob sob

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Hot Weather!

Weather check: HOT!

I am on medical leave today due to splitting headache since Sunday night. For the past 2 nights, I woke up middle of the night search for panadol to ease the pain. Without them I can't sleep cos the pain is just too intense. Trust me cos I have high tolerance level for pain and if I need panadol it means I can't take it anymore!!

Slept till 11.30am today..the eyes just can't open and my brain is definitely not thinking well.

Sorted out the brochures we got from NATAS fair last Saturday. Thew away those unwanted flyers and kept those for Melbourne, Australia. We booked our tickets yesterday, not from Natas but online. SQ A380 on 25 May - 05 June...hooray!! Our first overseas family trip together cum honeymoon for me and hubby..did not mind bringing Zach along cos he definitely have to tag along wif us anywhere we go.. :)

I hope it rains air-cond is giving me prob, could it be cos the temp is too low it is freezing itself? It's leaking.. =(

The One about Food

I generally loves to cook and bake, making a point to at least cook over the weekend be it dinner or making something special for hubby and Zach. Cooking is always a huge thing for me, y is that so? I can't help but to use up alot of utensils, plates, bowls etc and not to mention wasting alot of water during the process as well.

Last month during the CNY period, our utilities bill came up to a whopping $200plus and mainly due to increase water & electric usage - I made cookies, roast pork, ngoh hiang..

Cooking on weekday is definitely a no no because after cooking, I HAVE TO clean the kitchen stove, wipe the counter top and the surrounding items, mop the floor, not only kitchen but the entire house, make sure the rooms dun smell of the food I cooked!! Cooked for 1 hour but the clean up process takes me 3hrs!! I'll be so darn tired by the end of it. However, last Tues was different. Surfed the web and found out that this food blogger cooked her 'Rice Cooker' Chicken Rice by putting everything in at one go and let it cook..I tried. It's a breeze but we can't be having chicken rice 5-day in a row, right?

I bought chicken wings from Cold Storage on Monday night, washed them, cut them up into 2 parts. Marinade with dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, salt, sesame oil with some bruised ginger. On Tuesday morning, I soaked 2 mushroom but I forgot all abt them till i reached office, so my mushroom turned out to be oversoaked and mushy..gross!! After returning from work, I wash the rice, put in enough water, cut some chinese sausage, put in the chicken wings and wait!! 20 minutes later... we have this

Starting from March, we decided to order dinner delivery. We had dinner delivery since last year but alternate months. Food was bad...I meant the quality is really poor and I don't understand why do they get good reviews in the first place.

There was alot of good raves on Mom's Cooking. They only use Canola oil and no MSG were added..but it comes with a steeper price, $400 for 2 person 3 dish 1 soup. Taste like home-cooked meal esp the soup!! Yummy...

Broccoli + Mushroom, Pork Chop, Mayo Salmon, Corn Soup