I'm a greedy person.. I have so many items under my wishlist that when I did a mental calculations just now, it'll cost me a few arms n legs to have them all.
Here goes:
1. Large Weekender by Le SportSac (by Apr 2010)
2. Deluxe Everyday Bag by Le SportSac (by Apr 2010)
3. Large suitcase (by Apr 2010)
4. Camera - still toying between GF1 or TZ
5. MacBook (no hurry but hate to use the Sony netbook)
6. Balenciaga City/First in Moutard - this bag is nearly $3K!! I gotta save n save to buy it. (by Dec 2010). Not going to use credit card to purchase this!

Will not be surprise if I can only achieve all these after Apr 2011 when I get my bonus. No bonus this year cos I'm not qualified yet. Sob sob

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