I was contemplating on which camera to buy..many recommended GF1 which I was very tempted to..but the price was way too high. Even though hubby was glad to sponsor me I still feel bad.. tried to keep to my budget of $1k. =)

After going through 3 shops at Funan, decided to get Lumix LX3 instead. $660 and that kind fella waive off the 3% credit card charges.

I always wanted to capture pictures that are of DSLR effect so he recommended me a wide-angle lens and I happily indulge. I walk out of the shop $1.4K poorer..Ooopss...supposed to be hubby is $1.4K poorer..muahaha.

Thanks hubby for the camera. I am sure I will put that to good use rather than spending that money on another bag which I don't need at this moment.

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