Hot Weather!

Weather check: HOT!

I am on medical leave today due to splitting headache since Sunday night. For the past 2 nights, I woke up middle of the night search for panadol to ease the pain. Without them I can't sleep cos the pain is just too intense. Trust me cos I have high tolerance level for pain and if I need panadol it means I can't take it anymore!!

Slept till 11.30am today..the eyes just can't open and my brain is definitely not thinking well.

Sorted out the brochures we got from NATAS fair last Saturday. Thew away those unwanted flyers and kept those for Melbourne, Australia. We booked our tickets yesterday, not from Natas but online. SQ A380 on 25 May - 05 June...hooray!! Our first overseas family trip together cum honeymoon for me and hubby..did not mind bringing Zach along cos he definitely have to tag along wif us anywhere we go.. :)

I hope it rains air-cond is giving me prob, could it be cos the temp is too low it is freezing itself? It's leaking.. =(

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