Cool Mango Dessert

I bought 4 mangoes over last weekend and was very inspired to make Mango Sago dessert for everyone on Sunday! Laziness got over me after I finish up 3-4 durians that night.

Left the mango to ripen over the next few days and finally on Wednesday, I got my butt moving and prepare this.

Should have done it earlier cos it was super easy and fast.

1 ripen mango - puree
1 ripen mango - cut into cubes
200ml fresh milk
250ml evaporated milk
200ml water
120g sugar
200g ice cubes
100g sago - which I omit completely cos (i) i am not a fan of sago (ii) buying one packet but can't finish them is a waste

Mix milk, water and sugar in a bowl and bring to boil. Once sugar is completely dissolved, turn off heat and add in ice cube.
Pour in mango puree when all ice cubes are melted.
Chill in fridge when it is cooled.
Serve in bowl with decubed mango.
Serving: 4-5 bowls

My verdict - I would half the portion of sugar in the recipe and maybe reduce the evaporated milk to 200ml as well. It's abit too milky to my liking.

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