I finally found someone that will make me laugh..everyday!
I finally found someone that will cheer me up when I am down..
I finally found someone that will listen to me yak non-stop
I finally found someone that will assure me that everything is safe..
I finally found someone that will love me, cherish me forever..
I finally found someone that will give me a massage when I am tired..
I finally found someone that will stand all my tantrums, misgivings and bad habits..
We're finally engaged!!!
It seems fast for everyone but not for us... we were just saying that we seems to know each other for ages!! To us, it is just the right time..we felt right for each other. We're comfortable with each other.
The ring is fabulous, but not as fabulous as what I will be getting myself into for the rest of my life, my dearest!
I know from last night, he / she is the person that I will walk side-by-side for the rest of our life!


My favorite

One of my all time favorite snack.. I know, my friends kept telling me these biscuits are always used for offering purposes, but I simply love it, bite the sugar off first, then eat the biscuit or vice versa!

On Leave

Here I am sitting in my dad's office, checking and replying emails and at the same time blogging! Hehehe..yeap, I am on leave today. For no apparent reason..hehehe..
Flew back to KL last night and since I will not be around over the weekend, thought I will get Thursday and next Monday off to accompany my parents, to make up for lost time and feeling guilty for not coming back for Mother's Day last weekend. =)
The worse thing is I am being called back to office later today for some briefings, tired to drive all the way down to PJ for a 3-hr briefing and then get stuck in the jam when the weather is so hot.
I just want to lie down and do TV and be a pig!! Hehehee
Surprisingly my mom was telling me the cheongsam that I bought is quite okay.. I was worried that my leg will look enormous, my butt will look big, etc.. well, woman!! Heheh
My dad is just sitting in front of me now, you will think he is busy with work but NO, he is playing Sudoku. Heheheh.. isn't it great to be your own bosses, with ppl working hard outside and you inside the office playing games..hahaha, he can't play computer games now cos I am hogging his LAN line..wahahah.. poor dad has a bad flu..he kept sneezing and cleaning his nose, i'll spare you the details, yucks!
Later I will go check on the progress of our house reno..can't wait to see how it goes. Will post some pictures if possible... hee
Look of the front porch before and after

View from the back of the house.. in the midst of switching the bedroom and kitchen

Some silly costume

I am so bored lately.. there's no exciting project happening, dear is busy with his preparation for exams.. I am having a chronic back ache that leaves me very frustrated. I went to the hospital for a check up but was told needed to queue for 2 weeks just to see a specialist!! Govt hospital for you..
This week will be slightly eventful than the past weeks.. namely, I will be on leave on Thursday. Mom's getting anxious abt my health that she is bringing me to see a TCM.. but still need to go back to office for a short meeting after that..
Our company's annual dinner will be held this Friday..and it is a theme party. Every group will need to have a specific theme and there will be prizes for best dressed team!! Hahah..too bad I am not one of the hopefuls as I am the organising committee.. but we still have a theme.
Silly me went to Chinatown to get a cheongsam. Hahaha..i look awful in it. The top is so loose while the bottom is so hugging!! Like 'bak chang' hehe. Settled for a more auntie like one.. yucks!!! I guess the only thing complimenting it is my red pumps.. kekeke
Then will be heading up to Awana Genting for a 2-day retreat! Will not enjoy the long session but hopefully the cool weather can lift my dampen spirit up abit.. too many things happening these few weeks.

Bad Luck

Never mind that I have this bad migraine that lasted from Sunday till today.. my eyes is swollen from the constant pain.. giving me sleepless night. I was up at 6am this morning!!! Imagine how lousy I was feeling.
As I am typing this, I am feeling even lousier!! I was hanging my clothes outside when I realised from of my clothes has gone missing!!! And it no ordinary clothes.. it's my 2nd skin.. AARRGGHHH... why is this all happening to me?? First the damn laptop, then my migraine, then missing lingerie?? %$#&%$^#@*
I cannot imagine there is a pervert lurking around.. I should have guessed something is amiss when I lost 2 bra much earlier this year but I paid no attention to it since its cheap n old..haha.. but the one that just got stolen?? It's brand NEW!! And that thief certainly know his stuff, there are plenty hanging out thr but he chose a new one.. I am imagining it is a he cos..
Cry cry cry.. so sad.. it is more of scared feeling at the moment.. do not think it is safe to stay here any longer. I am so glad I am looking for a place to move.

Gadget Woes

Q: What can be the worst thing that happen to an IT personnel?
A: When her laptop died on her.. *cry*
Yep.. the power adaptor for my notebook died again!! This isn't the first time. I did the replacement January this year and when I got back home on Sunday night, I realised it died again. Shoot! I will not be buying anymore replacement.. imagine, travelling all the way to SimLim just to get that adaptor.. and the current one is still under warranty!
The saddest thing is, I threw away the invoice which serve as the warranty card.. and prior to that I bought an universal adaptor which I threw away few weeks ago.. sian..
I was so handicapped yesterday. I was on medical leave (having such bad migraine that my eyes start to swell..can't sleep) and I can't check email, can't surf the net.. can't do anything!!!!! Aarrghh... now I know I depended on my laptop so much so that I went to Challenger yesterday to check out other laptop.. keke..
Eyeing on some brands but need to make some comparison before taking the plunge. Mind you, its not cheap hor..definitely need to scout around for the best price with the most freebies!! Hahaha


I always wonder how neighbours felt when they saw walls around their unit block is being vandalised.. I wonder how they get on with their life.. hmm..
I have my fair share of that when I return home at 10.30pm from dinner. As usual, I will take the lift to 8th floor to walk a floor down.. to my horror, someone sprayed paint on the wall O$P$ and other things..the moment I saw the unit number, my heart started pounding. OMG!!! Not here.. I quickly and nervously open the door and went in, locking the door - all these while my heart is racing. What if the loanshark is still ard? What if they barge in my house? So many what if ran through my mind.. it's so not safe.. =(
First thing I did, was to tell my sis.. so that she can be extra careful when leaving the house in the morning and coming back at night!!
I was telling YT, what if there's a case of mistaken identity? What will happen.. we always read it from newspaper, didn't we? I was worried sick.. so many worst case scenario came to my mind. Now, if I did put those worst case scenario to good use, I will probably still be a programmer.. wahahaha!! YT advised me to make a police report if I am scared but I felt I shouldn't step on anyone's toe esp these loanshark!
Apparently the vandalising is still fresh cos my sis told me she did not see anything in the afternoon ard 4plus.. hmm..
Next step? Maybe quickly get my flat and move out? Need to find an alternative.. shucks! I hate all these.. how am I to sleep tonight? Now I know why I never see my neighbours before..