Some silly costume

I am so bored lately.. there's no exciting project happening, dear is busy with his preparation for exams.. I am having a chronic back ache that leaves me very frustrated. I went to the hospital for a check up but was told needed to queue for 2 weeks just to see a specialist!! Govt hospital for you..
This week will be slightly eventful than the past weeks.. namely, I will be on leave on Thursday. Mom's getting anxious abt my health that she is bringing me to see a TCM.. but still need to go back to office for a short meeting after that..
Our company's annual dinner will be held this Friday..and it is a theme party. Every group will need to have a specific theme and there will be prizes for best dressed team!! Hahah..too bad I am not one of the hopefuls as I am the organising committee.. but we still have a theme.
Silly me went to Chinatown to get a cheongsam. Hahaha..i look awful in it. The top is so loose while the bottom is so hugging!! Like 'bak chang' hehe. Settled for a more auntie like one.. yucks!!! I guess the only thing complimenting it is my red pumps.. kekeke
Then will be heading up to Awana Genting for a 2-day retreat! Will not enjoy the long session but hopefully the cool weather can lift my dampen spirit up abit.. too many things happening these few weeks.

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