Girls will be girls

Girls are so easy to be pleased!! That's Viv statement during lunch at Genki Sushi today. We rushed down to FJ Benjamin for Raoul warehouse sale, Titanium card preview sale. It's really a deal not to be missed, shirts going for $30/pc with usual price of $189/pc. I bought 2 for myself and 3 of hubby

After such rough shopping - you will never know the shoving and pushing ur way through the mad crowd and digging right to the bottom of the cart hoping to get something good hidden down there..hehe, we gorge ourself silly with sushi.. yummy!!!
Speaking of sushi, I had dinner at Sakae last night with Aileen. It was as usual a very very long queue. I can't help but to notice that all waitress and the supervisor was looking at one particular table. 4 of them was sitting near the entrance and I took notice of them too. They ate abt 5 - 6 plates of sushi and was chatting away, not mindful of the long queue forming outside the restaurant. Imagine we queue up for 15 minutes or so, and they were sitting there chatting and not eating. At one point of time, the supervisor went up to their table and look at their bill - must be dropping hints, but the 4 of them ignore her!! Gosh.. such inconsiderate patron!!! They sat for a good 30more minutes before leaving.. wat a *****

More food when we reach back to office today. One of the girl resigned and she was so sweet to walk all the way to Central and got us mini donuts!! Yummy yummy...

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