Depleting moolah!

Another fruitful weekend for us, though it started abit late but that did not deter us from spending few Ks within 3hours - *gasp!*
There were several exhibition fairs at Expo - Gracious Home, Harvey Normal sale, Metro sale. Naturally we went to all 3 fair!
We saw a good deal at Simmon's booth for their BeautyRest range. Their new mattress, Arlington Plush was going at a good price, so we made a purchase on the spot. It wasn't an impulse buy. We were scouting for mattress since June and been around looking at King Koil & Simmons, but in the end Simmons win hands down.
I heard from dear's mom that Metro is closing down?? I did not knew about it but their sale at Expo is really a good deal. Too bad, it is abit too early to stock up on plates & saucers and pots & pans. So we gotten ourself 2 t-shirt for my gym exercise, 3pair of socks for dear, shirt n pants for his dad.. not too bad. They have some hourly deals which is too good to be true. Osim iSqueeze going for $328!!! Better not think of this first.. quite tight in cash lately, been spending alot!
At Harvey Norman, I splurged myself with a new gadget - Sony T20 ($499)! I wanted a slimmer camera that can be carried ard. Being a kiasu me, I wanted to capture all the beautiful memories with dear and also at the same time, I m tired of the old one, hehehe (this may be the main deciding factor!) *ooppss*

I bought the pink one like above - comes with 3GB memory stick, tripod, card reader. It's a steal!!

I m still up cos waiting for the instruction to start testing - DR testing this morning.. I will be a walking zombie tomorrow.. it's a shopping day for me, going to Orchard to collect dear's iPod Touch and at the same time go look for my wedding shoes..heheh

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