Goodbye 2007

A quiet New Year for me.. hubby is hard at work while me, painting my nails, playing Facebook, watching the countdown from home.

Gonna sleep real soon, tmr going for brunch!! Yippee.

Welcome 2008!

Time really flies! It was just 2007 like a blink of an eye and now 2 more days and we will be saying hullo to 2008..

Now..what have I achieved? Nothing much..a pretty slow year in terms of my career (except for a promotion earlier this year, a new job @ the bank). Personal life - I got married and we bought a flat together..

Happy moments always call for feasting. Met up with ex-colleagues cum frenz for some crab feasting at AMK. Couldn't understand the reason for travelling all the way thr juz for crab, can't we have it at East Coast? Searched the web ( n boy, alot of good reviews!! I m salivating..

Well.. it is indeed THUMBS UP! You decide.. pictures!!

Fresh crabs immersed in milk/coconut filled broth - yummy!! Total bill: $30 per pax..not too bad! We did not even finish the food.
Now I am looking foward to 1st Jan 2008 - going for brunch with sister and hubby.

I love Christmas!!!

We had a Delivery Christmas party at the Rec Club last Fri - not all turned up but it was still quite 'fun'..haha. 'Christmas Tree' decoration, gift hunting, smelling weird stuff and best yet, some gift exchange that is way way way too weird..

It was a last minute Christmas shopping for us *whip*.. we were at Suntec, Marina Square shopping on Saturday, buying gifts for hubby's colleagues & boss, his & my family and of course other essentials for our love nest!! AUSSINO IS HAVING 50% OFF 2ND ITEM.. we bought 2 floor mats and a matching towels - cost us $42+ which is a steal..
We were at Toys 'R Us looking for gifts when I was asked to sign up for their free membership - it's FREE so why not?? Hahaha.. hubby get to buy their Star Product and guess what he bought for us?? Risk Transformers!! We played Day 1 (round 1) on that night itself till 1am..muahaha

It was fun shopping at Toys 'R Us.. we feel like a kid once again, except a far luckier one.

By the time it was 4.30pm, we had our hands full and we need our weekend dose of coffee!!

We had one more bag on the table!!

Still managing smiles after few hundred was spent!!
After a hard day shopping we indulge in some good food to fill our poor tummy - Paulaner Brauhaus. Been wanting to try their ever famous pork knuckle years ago but didn't have the chance. Food was delicious, ambience is nice.. ooh.. their mash potato is the nicest I have eaten so far!!

Pork knuckle - you can hear crackling sound when you bite the crispy skin. Sinful? NICE!!

Bratswurst with bed of sauerkrat
The table we sat at gave us a good view of Suntec and we get to see how crowded the bus stop were and there is no usual snaking queues at the taxi stand - obvious reason, taxi fare went up by a huge huge %..

Crowded bus stop despite the rain
Queueing taxi, 0 customers - we took MRT even when our legs are abt to give way

Good buys

Things are definitely looking good, though the weather is not getting any better and cab fare increased.. Looking good? I got a good deal at HN, Millenia Walk purchasing a few big ticket items - thanks to my fellow colleagues. 9 of us were hounding the sales guy asking for more and more discounts.. muahaha.

Hubby's prized TV - World's first iDTV

Mitsubishi Baby Folio - in Stainless Steel

Electrolux 7kg washer
All in all, I could have saved $1k on those stuff? $1K saving but I lost $500 - purchased a divan from Furniture Mall only to realise that I could get the same one at $300. I was charged $800 for the divan. It better last me at least 10 years, else I will.... *cracking knuckles*
Boo boo to the toilet wares delivery - wrong basin sent for the master bathroom. I am glad that I took a photo of what we purchased before so no argument abt that.. Other than this, our renovation is goind well. Air-cond is fixed, partition for foyer and MBR is up, feature wall is up, false ceiling is also up. Satisfied with their workmanship as well..

WC, sink, shower and gas heater installed
MBR shower rose and glass panel
Visit for more pix!

Christmas Time

Christmas songs are playing everywhere.. everyone is in the Christmas spirit of giving, but I have yet to go for my Christmas shopping!!! Arrggh... a few days left and I din put in any thoughts on what to get for who yet..I was at Tangs, Vivo last night - sales were everywhere. There was a ting of happiness in me, I get to shop and shop and shop!! Bought a Shu Uemura cleanser for elder sis, a watch case for younger sis. Still thinking on what to get for my parents and bro - they are the difficult ones..
Of course, I have to get myself a gift too.. Pink Martina pants - going for 50% off, who could resist?? hehe
If you have not taken a bus all the way to Penang, let me tell you now..DON'T DO IT!! We took a bus to Penang last Friday, meeting my sis there and it took us a whopping 9hours! By the time we reached, we din manage even a 5hrs sleep, our knee cap is aching and we look like a ghost! Hahaha.. It was a long day and we rushed back to Klang on the same day itself. All in all, we easily clocked 24hrs without a wink!!! Well, it is not that bad.. we still manage to enjoy a good seafood dinner and biscuit shopping @ Ipoh on our way back..

The three sistas

Fried noodles and vege

'Hae kor' with dried chillis - yummy!!

Curry prawn - thumbs up!

We're married!

We're married on 8th Dec 2007!
Can't believe it was over.. all the months of preparation, the nerve-racking moments, the sad moments, frustrations and of course there are sweet n memorable moments is over..but now another journey started.

Of course, any event will not complete without the motley crew!

Thanks to my sis (YiSi & Mel) & bros (Jason & Jack), Janet, Junnie (my good fren cum unofficial PG), folks from One Rochester (Janet, Jasmine n Alain), my understanding parents..dear's parents and all his good frens n my buddies as well.. touching moment..

I wish

*This is a long overdue entry - due to some technical fault during uploading of pix*
It is the time of the year when I wish I had a dryer! Muahaha..
My clothes is still hanging outside after 3 days!!! Thanks to the incessantly non-stop rain over the few days.. I really hope it will stop raining tomorrow else I have to contemplate sending my remaining laundry to the laundromat..
Also worried that it will rain this Sat n dampen my mood.. Me getting ROM leh.. hahaha, so can't let it rain to ruin the event right?
We were at the ROM office yesterday morning to collect our cert.. eye opener for us. We took our own sweet time to reach albeit knowing our appt time is from 8.30am - 9.30am (we had some major scare earlier but it was all good after that..) and to our horror, it was jam packed!! The number we got was 38 and when we reached it was only 13!! OMG..hehehe.

Me filling up the form

Dear n myself reading out our declarations

We said our declarations and left happily at 10am..

Busy busy busy..

If you ask me, I really do not know what I was so busy about.. I broke the record of only 2blog entry in the month of Nov..
Nov is a bad month - bad in a sense that I am busy busy busy.. first there is this UAT testing that took pretty 2weeks of my time including my birthday that I actually had to work!! All my other colleagues took leave on theirs but not ME!! *sad* sad*
Then our comp had a trip to Bintan for some team building that gotten my skin some 2tone on my arm n ankle and my face is tan.. *cry*cry*
As my house back in Klang is ready to move, I took leave last week to move.. back breaking 3 days! I did not help out in the packing but the unpacking and cleaning the floor is taxing. I never got it to 1st floor and not to mention the 2nd floor.. bro will hv to clean up on his own..haha

I took an earlier bus back to SG as me n dear wanted to get a few things done over the weekend! Recce some household items. Saw few that we comparing prices..abit aunty but.. I am trying to get the best deal out of our depleting account
Our house is slowly taking shape and I m really pleased with the workmanship so far.. floor tiles on the living / dining / bathrooms are ready, left kitchen tiles to lay. Wonder what will be next..

I am so excited about this Saturday.. so many things that has yet to be done.. and yet office work is piling up.. the mood shattering item is a zit juz popped up on my forehead, of all time, it has to come out yesterday and it is darn big!! Oh.. not forgetting the ulcer, not the ulcer but the ulcers that is so painful!!! Argghh...

Got time to lose the extra kilo?