I love Christmas!!!

We had a Delivery Christmas party at the Rec Club last Fri - not all turned up but it was still quite 'fun'..haha. 'Christmas Tree' decoration, gift hunting, smelling weird stuff and best yet, some gift exchange that is way way way too weird..

It was a last minute Christmas shopping for us *whip*.. we were at Suntec, Marina Square shopping on Saturday, buying gifts for hubby's colleagues & boss, his & my family and of course other essentials for our love nest!! AUSSINO IS HAVING 50% OFF 2ND ITEM.. we bought 2 floor mats and a matching towels - cost us $42+ which is a steal..
We were at Toys 'R Us looking for gifts when I was asked to sign up for their free membership - it's FREE so why not?? Hahaha.. hubby get to buy their Star Product and guess what he bought for us?? Risk Transformers!! We played Day 1 (round 1) on that night itself till 1am..muahaha

It was fun shopping at Toys 'R Us.. we feel like a kid once again, except a far luckier one.

By the time it was 4.30pm, we had our hands full and we need our weekend dose of coffee!!

We had one more bag on the table!!

Still managing smiles after few hundred was spent!!
After a hard day shopping we indulge in some good food to fill our poor tummy - Paulaner Brauhaus. Been wanting to try their ever famous pork knuckle years ago but didn't have the chance. Food was delicious, ambience is nice.. ooh.. their mash potato is the nicest I have eaten so far!!

Pork knuckle - you can hear crackling sound when you bite the crispy skin. Sinful? NICE!!

Bratswurst with bed of sauerkrat
The table we sat at gave us a good view of Suntec and we get to see how crowded the bus stop were and there is no usual snaking queues at the taxi stand - obvious reason, taxi fare went up by a huge huge %..

Crowded bus stop despite the rain
Queueing taxi, 0 customers - we took MRT even when our legs are abt to give way

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