Christmas Time

Christmas songs are playing everywhere.. everyone is in the Christmas spirit of giving, but I have yet to go for my Christmas shopping!!! Arrggh... a few days left and I din put in any thoughts on what to get for who yet..I was at Tangs, Vivo last night - sales were everywhere. There was a ting of happiness in me, I get to shop and shop and shop!! Bought a Shu Uemura cleanser for elder sis, a watch case for younger sis. Still thinking on what to get for my parents and bro - they are the difficult ones..
Of course, I have to get myself a gift too.. Pink Martina pants - going for 50% off, who could resist?? hehe
If you have not taken a bus all the way to Penang, let me tell you now..DON'T DO IT!! We took a bus to Penang last Friday, meeting my sis there and it took us a whopping 9hours! By the time we reached, we din manage even a 5hrs sleep, our knee cap is aching and we look like a ghost! Hahaha.. It was a long day and we rushed back to Klang on the same day itself. All in all, we easily clocked 24hrs without a wink!!! Well, it is not that bad.. we still manage to enjoy a good seafood dinner and biscuit shopping @ Ipoh on our way back..

The three sistas

Fried noodles and vege

'Hae kor' with dried chillis - yummy!!

Curry prawn - thumbs up!

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