I wish

*This is a long overdue entry - due to some technical fault during uploading of pix*
It is the time of the year when I wish I had a dryer! Muahaha..
My clothes is still hanging outside after 3 days!!! Thanks to the incessantly non-stop rain over the few days.. I really hope it will stop raining tomorrow else I have to contemplate sending my remaining laundry to the laundromat..
Also worried that it will rain this Sat n dampen my mood.. Me getting ROM leh.. hahaha, so can't let it rain to ruin the event right?
We were at the ROM office yesterday morning to collect our cert.. eye opener for us. We took our own sweet time to reach albeit knowing our appt time is from 8.30am - 9.30am (we had some major scare earlier but it was all good after that..) and to our horror, it was jam packed!! The number we got was 38 and when we reached it was only 13!! OMG..hehehe.

Me filling up the form

Dear n myself reading out our declarations

We said our declarations and left happily at 10am..

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