Impulsive and Compulsive

My 2010 resolution seems to be materialising..well, not exactly all of them but at least for the more bags and more shoes part it is! Maybe I should add one more, more books?
A moment of impulse today burnt a serious hole to my next month's financial standing. Luckily it is CNY and that means it is February, a relatively short I will see my salary coming in earlier..hehe.

It also seems that I have been to Borders almost every month if not alt month with a buddy. Usually we will go if there is a good promo for members. This time round we have 30% + 10% for members and it is a good bargain. Grabbed 8 books in total and paid about $85 for all of them. Average out about $10 per book.. what a steal!

Can't seem to rotate the above pix. As you can see, I bought 2 cooking books.. one to cook more tasty rice & pasta for Zach and another for my breakfast..hehe

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