Internet World

I admit that I am such an Internet junkie that I do not know if I can live a single day without internet connection!!
Internet has really made my life easy, be it surfing on the workstation, laptop, netbook and even on my iPhone! I surf alot..mainly online shopping (see next para), searching for information i.e. food, directions, research article for my work purposes, dictionary, news, etc etc etc.. sites that I use everyday without fail, Google be it the search engine or maps! Swear by it.. it's good! Better than Bing.

Now, online shopping really made my day. I can practically buy everything online not having to step out of the house. That's where the main problem lies.. I buy online and offline. How can that be? Hmm.. the shopaholic in me just can't stop! Sigh...

I found this great site I bought their Dermalogica products recently and found that their prices are definitely cheaper than those sold in the salon. I immediately ordered a few of my essential items and the good thing is it's free shipping! I save a total of $90 for 4 items ordered..the amount which I can use to buy another bottle of cleanser!

My goods are delivered in 4 diff boxes

Essential Cleanser, Sun Protection Booster SPF30, Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask (a very very good mask I've come across) and SKII Miracle Water

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