Bad weather, bad cabbies!

It was a wet wet weather for the past week and I hate it!! Absolutely hate it. It means I have to take a cab everywhere I go. I was supposed to meet my gal friends @ Orchard on Sunday. When I woke up, the day seems good. I was happy. The moment I came out from shower, it was pouring! Darn..this means I have to bring an umbrella out, I have to wait extra long for a cab, reason being all cab will be taken, which I have another 'compraint' to make!! By the time I managed to get a cab, my shoe sole is all wet, there are dirt marks on my feet (luckily I wore tights and not jeans!
Don't you just hate it when cab drivers going around with their headlight indicating their car are available but they just whizz by, taking you are invisible.. Reason?? They are waiting for calls to come in. This will happen usually after 9pm at all areas!! I had this experience multiple time. I was pissed off, I told myself, I will never call for a cab. I rather wait and usually I will despise those who are already in a queue but because everyone calls a cab, they call too. Don't they know that it is us consumers who made this phenomenon? If everyone don't call, the cabbies will not be what they are now! I even took down some of the cab number plate, to 'compraint'. Hahaha
Lunch with Lynette & hubby and Ivy was a fun one. We had a great time catching up. All in all we look like a bunch of tai tai in the making. Having brunch at NYDC, Wheelock Place, chit chatting about work, family, kids, etc etc. How to control ur hubby's finance (i like this best!), how to make them share the household chores, how to take care of ur kids! Hehehe..
Nette's baby is very cute.. Alden is just too adorable. He is such a good boy, he dun need to be carried, don't need to be patted to sleep, he even drink his milk from his stroller.. what can I say? However, he always have this worried look on his face..haha

I just started my new job and today marks the start of the 2nd week. I am still getting the hang of it and dear is really worried about me.. he sms-es me like umpteenth times a day making sure I am alright..hahaha
The weather lately is really driving me up the wall, raining all the time. I know, I know, I sounded crazy - such weather is really good for nuah-ing on the bed but for ppl like me who can't seem to sleep, it is really MAD!!! Imagine walking down Orchard Road under the rain.. ppl like me who hates rain also hate bringing umbrella out.. we were at Orchard Road trying to look for a ROM dress and a smart casual jacket for dear.. found sumthing like I really love but trying to convince myself to part with that's no small sum but..
I redeemed my UOB$ for 2 $50 Morton's Chicago Steakhouse voucher (total of $100).. heard the craze about how good their steak is so I decided to head there on Saturday for dinner.. Everywhere was super crowded (NDP '07 rehearsal) and the cab drop us at Braddel MRT instead of driving us there citing traffic jam.. We were late but the restaurant was kind enough to hold on to our reservations. We were served by this server called Eddie, if you do go, look for him. He really kept us entertained..that's what I call top class service. He thought there was a special occasion or stuff like tat (a proposal of some sort..wahaha) but sorry to disappoint him. YT ordered their famous Ribeye Steak and I as usual ordered Broiled Salmon - sorry no pix as the place is quite dark and I forgot to bring my camera out.. Their food serving is humongous.. and mind you, their side dishes are all ala carte and the price is huge too..hehe
Eddie was kind enough to give us Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake - let me tell you, it's better than Bakerzin's. Go try it..

We had a scare when YT thought he forgot to bring the $100 voucher out and that means we have to foot the full bill, but it was a scare...kekeke.. the bill turns out to be $200plus.. that's quite expensive but for the service and food, we say it is really worth it.. =)

Ta dah..

Finally gotten hold of the pictures taken from our new place... we were so tired over the weekend, running from one designer to another, repeating the same old story all over again. There are a few that we were quite impressed. We even approached a contractor uncle, just to get the feel of how different their approach is..and it is really different. The uncle actually calculated everything up to the milimetre. I am impressed!! Next in line is the quotation and layout plan proposed and then we will narrow down to maybe 3 or 4 designer and then refer to their 3D drawing to make a decision.. I love being a customer for once.. hahaha

I tried my hands at cooking 2weeks ago. YT gave me a challenge to cook his favourite curry chicken. I told him that it sounds easy, buying some chilli paste and coconut milk and mix them with chicken, I'll get curry chicken. I even consulted my mom.. hehehe. Wrong answer.. I musn't buy chilli paste, I must buy curry paste instead!
On that fateful day, I have half chicken, one packet of 500ml coconut, 1 packet of curry paste, 2 shallots, water. Heated the pot, yeap, I did not use a wok to cook, cos I don't have one, so I used the pot which I always use to cook my instant noodle instead! Wrong move no.1!!!
I put in too little oil, the fire is too big.. Wrong move no.2!!
Before I could cook the shallots, alot of smoke came out. Nvr mind, under control.. in went the chicken.. the spatula used is bigger than the pot's mouth..hahaha.. I have reallllll difficult time stirring the chicken. Wrong move no.3!!
In went the curry paste. I notice how little that paste is.. insufficient. Wrong move no.4!! I add in some water and when the chicken is abt the cook, I decided to pour in the coconut milk.. now this is the fun part.
According to recipe, we are supposed to add in 440ml of coconut milk, but the one I bought is 500ml. The smarter side of me thought that I can juz agak agak to pour the coconut milk..hehe.. before even reaching 100ml, I saw the curry turn from yellow to white!!! TOO MUCH COCONUT! Darn.. it's not even close to 440ml.. It is definitely the coconut milk's fault..
I turn off the gas and dash across the street to Shop N Save to buy another packet of curry paste.. I was in such rush, I bought one with coconut milk included!! Coconut overdose..
Calm cool compose...hahahaha, I poured away the earlier curry gravy and add in the new curry paste..add in some water and here is the end result:

It still look like curry to me, taste like curry, except the chicken wasn't cooked 100%.. Wahahahaha... the curry seems to be full of coconut.
I will have to try again next time! Kampatei..
P/S: YT gave me 4 upon 5.. not bad leh..


I attended my first solemnization last Saturday. It was YT's buddy's solemnization and an eye opener for me. Fyi, there was a total of 777 couples that tied the knot on 7th July 2007. Do not understand the craze behind it but.. as long as they are happy, I am okay.. hee
Sean & Clarris' big day was held at Riccioti @ Riverwalk, an Italian restaurant. Very warm and cosy. Though it rained a fair bit in the morning, the weather was surprisingly good when the JP arrives. The down side of it is that the whole ceremony is being rushed..JP arrives, ushered us to stand behind the couple and she announced that she will only need 8 minutes for her speech.. she tok n tok, then pronounce them man and wife. Sean and wifey signed their marriage certificate, took some photos with the JP and off she went.
We proceeded with lunch. I skipped breakfast in order to enjoy the lunch and boy, was I stuffed with all the food served!! I must mention their soffiato a.k.a warm chocolate cake with ice cream is good..comparable to Bakerzin

Prawn salad & Grilled calamari & fried chicken breast

Pasta & pizza

Soffiato and tiramisu - yummy!

I have decided to come out with my own invitation card for our solemnization. It adds a personal touch to it. I am contemplating on handcrafted card or a print-out card. I will do up both and seek YT's opinion...

My working desk is so messy.. can't stand it!! Will need to clean up after watching the 9pm show.. :)

I fell in love..

I have a new love..and it has caused YT to feel neglected. Can't blame himself cos he got me started.
My new love is... doing JIGSAW! What were you guys thinking off? Wahahaha...
How I got started? Happened to be at his place on Sunday afternoon and saw this really miniature puzzle of Mona Lisa. I always loved doing jigsaw puzzles since young, so I took it from YT and finish it on the same day.. hahaha..Then it is more miniature puzzle (4 to be exact) and now I upgraded myself to a bigger one, 1000pcs.

Fruit of love - took me a month to complete

Check this Out!

This is one blog that I found interesting..

Great Singapore Sale!

It's the time of the year when hordes of ppl throngs to Orchard Road, City Hall and the brand new Vivo City because its GSS!!
My mom and sis came down to Singapore solely for some serious shopping. I mean realllll serious shopping. Boy, was I tired walking the whole day..hahaha. Sign of old age.
We had futsal game on Friday night with some of my team members and OCBC folks.. lasted till 11pm and then we went to Geylang for dinner/supper. By the time I reach home and hit the sack, its 2am in the morning. In my mind I had planned to wake up ard 9-ish so that we can leave the house ard 10-ish. By 8.30am, I was asked to wake up, leave the house at 9.30am.. we went to Bugis for prayers then breakfast at Bugis Junction. Mind you, the shops are not even opened yet! Gosh..
This is the famous dessert that has the main branch in Chinatown - Mango & Herbal Jelly, Beancurd with Ginger, Black Sesame Paste and Steamed Egg White with Ginger

We went to City Hall supposedly to transfer train to Orchard but got stucked in Suntec where we bought lots of stuff. Hahaha.. have not reached the target destination and our hands are full.
We walked n walked, went to Goodwood Park for their famous Durian Fiesta.. yummy!
I took a break to go down to True Yoga to settle some stuff (which I had posted previously).. all these stuff abt True Yoga really made me frustrated for the past 3 weeks. Poor YT and my family have to suffer from my constant anger and frustration. I am so short tempered..
I met up with my family after that stint of confrontation only to find them loaded with more shopping bags! Luckily YT is there to help them carry. Sadly, I am the only one without shopping bags.. don't have the mood to buy, all cause of True Yoga. Lousy..
We went to Fish & Co for dinner..the queue is exceptionally long.. my legs was aching from all the walking and standing.. I must comment that the service provided by this restaurant in Paragon is good.. even though its full house, they are prompt in their service! Thumbs up.
Sunday as usual is more shopping, this time at Tampines Mall, additional shoes, clothes, a new hair cut and this time I bought myself a waist trimmer..hehehe, notice that my butt is huge! Kekeke.. My younger sis spent a bomb here..I guess when the shopaholic mood kicks in, its all spend spend spend..
We finally exercised the Option to Purchase and our first appt will be in Sept.. this only means we will not have the house by year end! Sad but on the bright side, I will have a new house before CNY.. can have mahjong sessions with my frens! Hehehe... so excited.
Yong Teck took some pics and I will post them up separately so stay tune!