I just started my new job and today marks the start of the 2nd week. I am still getting the hang of it and dear is really worried about me.. he sms-es me like umpteenth times a day making sure I am alright..hahaha
The weather lately is really driving me up the wall, raining all the time. I know, I know, I sounded crazy - such weather is really good for nuah-ing on the bed but for ppl like me who can't seem to sleep, it is really MAD!!! Imagine walking down Orchard Road under the rain.. ppl like me who hates rain also hate bringing umbrella out.. we were at Orchard Road trying to look for a ROM dress and a smart casual jacket for dear.. found sumthing like I really love but trying to convince myself to part with that money..it's no small sum but..
I redeemed my UOB$ for 2 $50 Morton's Chicago Steakhouse voucher (total of $100).. heard the craze about how good their steak is so I decided to head there on Saturday for dinner.. Everywhere was super crowded (NDP '07 rehearsal) and the cab drop us at Braddel MRT instead of driving us there citing traffic jam.. We were late but the restaurant was kind enough to hold on to our reservations. We were served by this server called Eddie, if you do go, look for him. He really kept us entertained..that's what I call top class service. He thought there was a special occasion or stuff like tat (a proposal of some sort..wahaha) but sorry to disappoint him. YT ordered their famous Ribeye Steak and I as usual ordered Broiled Salmon - sorry no pix as the place is quite dark and I forgot to bring my camera out.. Their food serving is humongous.. and mind you, their side dishes are all ala carte and the price is huge too..hehe
Eddie was kind enough to give us Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake - let me tell you, it's better than Bakerzin's. Go try it..

We had a scare when YT thought he forgot to bring the $100 voucher out and that means we have to foot the full bill, but it was a scare...kekeke.. the bill turns out to be $200plus.. that's quite expensive but for the service and food, we say it is really worth it.. =)

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