Random Ramblings

We came back from Hong Kong more than a week ago and I've yet to regain back the loss of sleep!! The tiredness is taking a toll on me, my back etc..

Zach with his collection of Angry Birds

I began to wonder how my body is functioning with 3 hrs of sleep for the past months, I kinda lost count since when I start waking up at 2.40am, 3.30am and not being able to sleep till 6.30am, which is a mere 5 minutes snooze time for me since my alarm is set at 6.35am on weekdays!

Tried all kinds of method to fall asleep, eating less, waking up for hot drink like milo or horlick, reading, Bejeweled (temporarily gotta ban this at wee hours cos it is causing my brain activity to peak), flu pill..only thing yet to try is downing Dom or Yomeishu which I don't think I should since I am preggy at this moment.

Well, good thing about this is that I am more or less prepared for #2 to come in about 10 weeks time!!! Woohoo.. guess it will be no problem for me to moo moo at ungodly hours, attending to his whims and needs or mabbe my body clock is weird, after I pop I will be so tired out that I need at least 10 hours of sleep daily? Muahaha..that will be so ironic and WEIRD.

Finally, after sucha long time I get to meet up with a few friends that we used to meet every Saturday. It was a busy busy weekend since the start of 2011. We had dinner at HRC, RWS with the initial plan of going into USS after hours but shelved off when it rained heavily!! Missed the 9pm fireworks but vowed to be back again for it.. Zach had fun of course meeting up with his 'older bro' Darrell. He rarely play with the other 2 peers..I wonder y..lol

Having hotdog for dinner - triple tsk to mummy for allowing that

I gotta give him more activities before I deliver and gotta be confined for the whole of 1 month. I can only think how boring it would be for him on Saturday and Sunday.