I feel like a diva yesterday.. went to a hair salon to get my hair fixed! I have been going to hair salon quite frequent these day. Everytime I meet my colleagues or customer they will say "Wah.. everytime I see you, you look different.." Wahahhaa...
This time round, I went for re-bonding. I wanted a natural straight look which A Cut Above gave me previously but apparently this new salon do not know what I was talking about and soon gave me an ultra flat hair..kekeke.. 2 ppl fussing over me, drying my hair, ironing it. A real DIVA in making..hahah
After 3 hours sitting in the salon, we went for quick lunch with my parents then off to check out the progress of our house.
The wet work is more or less done, we now need to select tiles for the kitchen and car porch.. saw a few design that we love, but need to source for a better quality and cheaper one.

The main porch..note the ugly beam, they need to fix it. Dirty hall and the enlarged door
Me and my younger sis decides to pamper ourself further by going for manicures, the quality is not that good compared to those I did in SG but better than nothing... cost me RM34 just for 30minutes shape and polish..
Continuation from True Yoga saga.. the lady did not call me back despite all her promises. I got fed up and took leave on Monday to go down to CASE and lodge a complain. I called CASE on Saturday and they said I have a good case against them..at least make me feel better...
I also got some good news from One Rochester. Need some time adjustment so we will be bringing our ceremony earlier in the morning towards lunch..its not a bad thing cos if our house is ready by then, we will have a housewarming party at night.. then we can invite more guests as well..hehehe
Fingers crossed that I will have a smooth sailing weeks ahead.. will be bored though cos YT will be going for 2-weeks reservist!! *Sad*


So freaking bored in office.. ORD mood. MSN is banned again.. I can't chat with my sisters then..can't discuss stuff with my colleagues. What could be worse???
We more or less settled on our housing loan. Will get in-principal approval by tonight..Hooray!
I need to start getting hardworking.. renovation work will be tough and to make it tougher, I am starting a new job pretty soon, which will make me super duper busy!
As if there is not enough worries going ard my life now, One Rochester emailed me saying that one of her colleagues confirmed a wedding on the same day as our solemnization!! Arrggh.. and I thought we have settled on the venue! Now, I have to source for an alternative..
All these makes me sick that I ate 4 chicken wings from IKEA at one go on Tuesday..I usually wanted to eat sinful stuff when I am stressed or down..

And I have decided to stop yoga once and for all.. fed up of those services that they provide. Its gonna get lengthy if I post it here so I rather not.. one word of caution,
Don't sign up with True Yoga.. they sucks! BIG TIME!!!

Proud moments

This weekend is indeed a very fruitful one.. I was busy on Saturday from the moment I woke up. As usual, it's my turn doing housework, and I woke up at freaking 7am to scrub the toilet, wash tonnes and tonnes of clothes! It could be about 8kg of clothes that took a good 45minutes to wash and another 50 minutes to rinse and spin.. I am very very particular about how my clothes should smell.. haha..
Then its time to take a nice long shower and get myself dolled up for Oskar's wedding, put on some last minute facial, dress selection.. make up and worse nightmare, what shoe to wear! Hehehe.. it was a wedding lunch. Abit rush cos it was delayed for almost an hour and the restaurant closes at 4pm to get ready for dinner, hence I could not really enjoy the food..the final dish which is the dessert is sumthing I have been looking forward for, orr nee..hehe
We head to Central Mall cos there is this promotion going on on wedding planners. We got ourself a pair of wedding bands, due for collection in 6 weeks time. Another item to strike off our list. We are a pair of lazy ppl, once settled on that, we decided to go for some coffee @ Raffles City and check out Coach sale which is nothing to shout about. I can get better offer elsewhere..
It was a game of mahjong next with YT and his parents.. both of us as usual lost to the old folks..darn! We never won, and we thought of recouping loss via gin rummy next but still lost!!! Gave up..
Sunday was even more packed and eventful. Dim sum breakfast at Chinatown, Borders at Wheelock, Punggol for house vieweing.. we confirmed on one unit in Punggol, good unit, just what I had in mind, peaceful, quiet and facing greeneries. Best of all, it has a balcony!!! We got so excited that YT bought several home reno magz to browse! hahaha... it was very exciting, owning our first home together, discussing reno, having differences in many things.. we even visited Best Denki to look at LCD TV..that is the top priority at the moment!

Check it out

Check out the pix from Bali from my earlier posting!
Last weekend was eventful.. tried out a new hair saloon at Curve! Driving to The Curve really drives me insane.. my sense of driving is not that bad, ahem ahem! But I actually spent RM10 on toll itself!! Totally outrageous.. shall not go there. My parents n siblings were having such good laugh at the whole episode. YT can't be bothered except JUST-GET-ME-TO-THE-DESTINATION attitude and actually dozed off..hehehe
Dinner on Saturday is sumthing that is worth mentioning! The ambience is good, food is excellent, price is OTT!! hahaha.. Tamarind Spring, a restaurant owned by some foreigner with local wife, serving Pan-Asian food which is quite salty to some but overall, the experience is good.. the place is secluded, as if you are walking into a jungle, very natural setting.. I love that place.
What's the occasion? Wow.. alot-lor, mom's b'day, parent's 32nd anniversary, early Father's Day dinner..hehehe.. what more could we ask.
Sunday was spent lazing ard, sneaking in some cat naps in between. Somehow I will always feel sleepy after dim sum breakfast.. sign of old age..kekeke

Himalayan Tea Latte

One of my colleague introduced me to this really nice Himalayan Tea Latte from McDonald's Cafe.. its really yummy.. when I am dining there, I will remember to take a pix, right now, I am drinking it off from paper cup..hehe..

I am back!

Usually when one comes back from holiday they will feel refreshed, recharged. I beg to differ. I came back from Bali 2 days ago, feeling worse than before..hahaha! Not only I get severe sun burn at my back and arms.. I am having neck aches and poor appetite. This is coupled with few days of sleepless nights. Actually, not few days but has been on going for few weeks. I did think of resorting to sleeping pills again, but.. on the other hand, I should not get started on it again!
Bali is nothing fantastic.. at least not to me. I went there with my parents and YT of course. Knowing that my parents don't enjoy the sun and beach and they don't drink or smoke, I opted to stay at Ubud, thinking it will be fun, relaxed. In fact, it is too relaxed till when the sky gets dark, you have nothing to do. The street is practically deserted at 8pm!! We were playing gin rummy the whole night long. We hit the sack at 10.30pm everyday for 4 nights!!! Gosh! Haha..
We did manage to visit some should-visit areas like Gunung Kawi, Mt. Batur, Mt. Agung.. went for 1-day cruise to Lembongan Island for some snorkelling etc

After this round, I think my parents will still prefer places like Korea, Shanghai or Hong Kong where the food is more suitable for their tastebuds and more stuff to shop and buy. Alarmingly, 4 of spent only $2K inclusive of air fare, hotel and food and everything!! Hahaha..
I must comment that the service during our flight back to Singapore really suck big time!!! Really disappointed at SQ services.. no wonder the newspaper kept critisizing Singapore Girl.. I could not have agreed more. Walking up and down the aisle, only sucking up to foreigners and ignoring us Asians..even when my parents asked for the immigration card, it took them forever to get it for them.. in fact, they did not give it to him until he was about to leave the plane. Pathetic. My dad completely swore off Singapore Airlines.. he will stick to Malaysia Airlines or Cathay Pacific for all future holidays.. I vote for that as well!!!


It's one of the moments when I am too stressed up to sleep! I was awake at 4.05am and there I was now, watching CNA and blogging at the same time. Crazee woman!!! Don't ask me what I am so stressed up about..so many things, work, solemnization preparation..until now nothing is concrete yet. Thought we found a perfect venue but something crops up the last minute, then found another one, price is an issue.. we are so busy there is no time to go house hunting, when we have the time, the price is so exhorbitant!! $50K cash upfront..even crazier..hahaha.. I was too stressed until I don't have any appetite to eat (contributing factor could be my growing waistline..I don't know why..I am so obsessed with the word FAT that...)
There is this new drink called Anything and Whatever that is in market now..heheh, i had a chance to sample Whatever and when I asked the auntie what is in Whatever, she said "Whatever you take is whatever you get lor.." I was like "Huh?? Means every can of Whatever is different??" Well..I will not know until I drink another can of Whatever. The first one I drank was green tea which is a bit too sweet for my taste.

It's Friday today and it means I am flying off to Bali tonight. Somehow, I wasn't all that excited about this trip, I am not sure why... I do not think my phone will stop ringing for a while, which is expected! Sigh.. however, I will make the best out of it by shopping and shopping and shopping..oohh..did I tell you that I actually curbed my spending habits?? I went shopping last Saturday and yesterday. Passed by Zara, Topshop, Mphosis, etc etc etc..and I did not even purchase anything from there, its a miracle. I tried on so many dresses and tops and pants, YT commented on some but I feel that I look like a bak chang..hahah..end up empty handed!!
These feeling could be due to the amount of meat I consume last Sunday at a customer friend wedding. I am not complaining about the quality of the food but about the amt of fats I put in my body by eating so many pieces of roasted suckling pigs, pork ribs, butter prawns, etc etc etc...will have to eat moderately for the next few days (days and not weeks) cos my colleague's wedding is in another 2 weeks, which means more pigging and before that is Mom's b'day, parent's anniversary and early Father's Day celeb which also calls for a grand gorging session!! Gosh...
Signing out......................