I am back!

Usually when one comes back from holiday they will feel refreshed, recharged. I beg to differ. I came back from Bali 2 days ago, feeling worse than before..hahaha! Not only I get severe sun burn at my back and arms.. I am having neck aches and poor appetite. This is coupled with few days of sleepless nights. Actually, not few days but has been on going for few weeks. I did think of resorting to sleeping pills again, but.. on the other hand, I should not get started on it again!
Bali is nothing fantastic.. at least not to me. I went there with my parents and YT of course. Knowing that my parents don't enjoy the sun and beach and they don't drink or smoke, I opted to stay at Ubud, thinking it will be fun, relaxed. In fact, it is too relaxed till when the sky gets dark, you have nothing to do. The street is practically deserted at 8pm!! We were playing gin rummy the whole night long. We hit the sack at 10.30pm everyday for 4 nights!!! Gosh! Haha..
We did manage to visit some should-visit areas like Gunung Kawi, Mt. Batur, Mt. Agung.. went for 1-day cruise to Lembongan Island for some snorkelling etc

After this round, I think my parents will still prefer places like Korea, Shanghai or Hong Kong where the food is more suitable for their tastebuds and more stuff to shop and buy. Alarmingly, 4 of spent only $2K inclusive of air fare, hotel and food and everything!! Hahaha..
I must comment that the service during our flight back to Singapore really suck big time!!! Really disappointed at SQ services.. no wonder the newspaper kept critisizing Singapore Girl.. I could not have agreed more. Walking up and down the aisle, only sucking up to foreigners and ignoring us Asians..even when my parents asked for the immigration card, it took them forever to get it for them.. in fact, they did not give it to him until he was about to leave the plane. Pathetic. My dad completely swore off Singapore Airlines.. he will stick to Malaysia Airlines or Cathay Pacific for all future holidays.. I vote for that as well!!!

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