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Check out the pix from Bali from my earlier posting!
Last weekend was eventful.. tried out a new hair saloon at Curve! Driving to The Curve really drives me insane.. my sense of driving is not that bad, ahem ahem! But I actually spent RM10 on toll itself!! Totally outrageous.. shall not go there. My parents n siblings were having such good laugh at the whole episode. YT can't be bothered except JUST-GET-ME-TO-THE-DESTINATION attitude and actually dozed off..hehehe
Dinner on Saturday is sumthing that is worth mentioning! The ambience is good, food is excellent, price is OTT!! hahaha.. Tamarind Spring, a restaurant owned by some foreigner with local wife, serving Pan-Asian food which is quite salty to some but overall, the experience is good.. the place is secluded, as if you are walking into a jungle, very natural setting.. I love that place.
What's the occasion? Wow.. alot-lor, mom's b'day, parent's 32nd anniversary, early Father's Day dinner..hehehe.. what more could we ask.
Sunday was spent lazing ard, sneaking in some cat naps in between. Somehow I will always feel sleepy after dim sum breakfast.. sign of old age..kekeke

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