Homemade Granola

I am a fan of frozen yoghurt and thankful that Red Mango is within my work vicinity. I had it almost twice a week and sometimes more frequent. They recently increased their price of the muesli. It used to be S$5 and now its S$5.80!! To add on, the portion of sides were much less. Felt rip-off at times when I am at my poorest week. Haha..I digress, to go with my yoghurt I must have mixed nuts and granola. Healthy healthy healthy. It set me thinking, why pay so much when I can make my own?

All the ingredients that I need for a yummy in my tummy granola.

Homemade Granola

2 cup of rolled oats
Fruits/ nuts of your choice
1 egg white 
1/2 cup of honey
Pinch of salt

- In a clean bowl, whisk egg white with salt until frothy.
- Add in honey and mix well.
- Pour the mixture into combination of rolled oats and mixed fruits and nuts. * If I were to do it again, I will not bake the fruits and nuts together because it actually dries them up. 
- Spread it evenly on a lined baking sheet.
- Bake it at 170 degree for 35 minutes or until it turns brown.
- Let it cool before breaking them into clusters. Store in airtight container up to a week.

Love it with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruits..

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