A good friend of mine just told me she is experiencing a heartache. I dare not probe further except to ask her "Why heartache?".. then she spill the beans. She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years.
It will come as a shock to our circle of friends, cos she is the next to get married. Condo is ready, furnitures bought, stuffs prepared, etc etc. It came unannounced even to her. Reason: She did not 'please' the guy as how he wants to be pleased. Jerk!
This is how fragile a relationship is. You will think that all those preps will mean a happy ending but no, life always take a 360degree turn when you least expect it. It looks rosy from outsider's point of view but behind closed door, things are not always as good as it seems to be.
I learnt that it is not the length of relationship that matters, it is the quality.
I learnt that it is not just love that is enough to make a relationship survive, it takes hardwork i.e. attention, tears, sweat, care, etc etc etc.
I learnt not to take my other half for granted.
Most importantly..
I learnt to take things one day at a time.. I am still learning this one. It saddens me that the future I paint may not be the future I will have. Do not get me wrong, but I am a perfectionist. I tends to get upset if what I expect do not turn out to be what I expected.
Weather is good today. No rain, clear blue sky! I love sunny weather, but somehow my feeling is not as sunny as the weather is.. heavy hearted. Not sure if it is caused by my friend's news or ...
Arrggh... I hope it will go away soon!!


It was the most relaxing weekend I've got since I-don't-know-when.
Me and YT took a bus down to Seremban and took a cab to Avillion, Port Dickson. A sleepy town.. really a sleepy town. If you don't know, we will not be able to go anywhere.
The resort from beach (our villa is at the most right)

Big spacious bed..

The initial experience is not pleasant having to bargain for a cheaper day room rate all because we checked in earlier than supposed but hey, it wasn't stated in the website that we will be charged for early check-in. And to our horror, they want to charge us 50% of the published room rate which works out to be RM500.. gosh..
My smart YT finally manage to settle the issue by paying 50% of the internet rate.. though I am still sore abt the incident, but decided not to let it get to my head.
We slept all the way till 10am..then took a quick shower, decided to head out to see if we can find lunch outside the hotel. Boy, was it hot to walk.. we walked quite a distance then found some small restaurant that only serves mee soto (don't ask me what it is because that was the first time I ate mee soto..hehe). Our decision: we will have dinner at the hotel..no matter how expensive it was.
The walk back is much shorter..cos we took a beach walk instead of road side walk..hahaha
Time for a nap again! Tiring lar.. taking overnight bus..
Some confirmation of... LURVE!!

Woke up and it's time for some sun-tanning. YT loves to sun-tan, mabbe cos he thinks he is too fair..hahaha
Lazing by the pool, reading magz, watching kids playing n shouting.. so relaxing.
The pool is not fantastic but I ain't complaining

Tea time!!! RM25 for coffee + 1 snack. Nothing to shout about. Marble cheese cake that taste nothing like cheese cake at all, curry puff filling that is so salty.. We enquired about dinner.. RM80 for seafood bbq buffet!! We were like..what? Forget it.. haha..
Back to room.. rest rest rest.. sleep sleep sleep!! Dinner time.. not nice at all, food is expensive. Mabbe they can charge such exhorbitant price because holiday-makers will have no choice elsewhere but to pay.. RM16 for a glass of beer..RM28 for char kuay teow that is tasteless..
Nevertheless, this holiday is indeed fun because there isn't any calls with regards to work. We did not do anything spectacular except sleep and eat and watch tennis and soccer..
Bye bye Avillion..hullo Tioman

Comprain Queen Leg 2

You thought the saga will end right. That was my thought too but how wrong was I. She is still acting like a pebble in my shoe.. nuisance.
I told his immediate reporting manager this and he told me he actually told her to stop but guess what is her answer "I will not give up..". Wah liao.. it is like as if asking her to give up means asking her to admit defeat. What is there to give up or not give up?
No choice but to rope in few of my techies to help me justify the additional 1 man day charged for testing. Note that it is 1 man day that she is disputing for the past 2 weeks. All in all, I have wasted about 2 man days replying her stoopid..realllllll stoopid emails.
Why can't they calculate long term costs instead of looking to save that few hundred? No wonder one of my boss always quote "Penny wise, pound foolish".. it really fits the bill of this particular pebble.. heh

Comprain Queen

Have you ever met a person that stooped so low in her life?? I met one recently and it was indeed an eye opener. No wonder the saying goes "Never offend a woman" because you will not know what will beget you..haha!!! Fancy that coming from a woman eh??

Sigh..these few days is the darkest n gloomiest day of my life because of this stoopid incident. Being professionals, we should do things professionally - she actually replied some emails and blind copy her boss which in turn calls the CEO to express his unhappiness!! Wah liao.. this only will reflect how childish she was and how it reflects that she can handle situations.

Anyway.. work is work, personal is personal. I can't stand ppl who take work n mix with personal!! So unpro lar..hahaha

Nothing liao lar..i just want to vent out my anger!! Buay tahan

Shopping! Shopping!

I read with interest a friend's blog that she engaged in some retail therapy over the weekend. I agree with her that it is a bad habit. However, festive season is just around the corner. Engaging in some buying spree is not such a bad idea..hahaha..
YT and I also went on a shopping spree on Saturday. Luckily I met up with my boss over lunch for some discussion prior to shopping else I will be spending more than I should..haha..
Went to Marina Sq to alter my pants. On the way, I told YT I will not be buying shoes cos I do not have the urge to do so. He gave me this very sceptical look, which I ignored, obviously. I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans. Not sure if anyone out there have the same problem but somehow, I felt that I look fat in jeans.. shucks!! We went to Levi's to try out some jeans.. gosh.. makes me butt look huge or could it be the mirror?? I end up empty handed but YT got himself a new pair of jeans again.. :(
Har.. went to Topshop, where t-shirts are always a steal there! Then I saw their jeans, which looks nice, so might as well try it on.. voila..fitted juz nice!!! Gotta buy it.. spent what I needed to spend and I completed my CNY clothes shopping.
It's good to shop at Marina.. every $100 spent entitles shopper a free tin of Almond Cookies.. we got 2 tins for free. Cookies are good leh.
We were suppose to head back home when I pass by Charles & Keith, so I just told YT, can I go in and take a peep.. nothing nice until this pair of pump caught my eyes. I saw this lady wearing them few days ago while we were at Starbucks.. now I saw it again! I tried it on..YT said it is nice.. I tink it is nice, so why wait?? wahahaha.. I got a new pair of shoes..hahah. I wore it today, very tight.. need to wear it few more times to loosen the leather.. Oh oh.. not to mention that after tinking, I should be buying more than one pair of shoes cos I threw away 4 pairs over the weekend. I am not sure if it is the weather but when I wanted to wear my heels last Friday, some have fungus growing on them.. YUCKS!! Even after cleaning them, I doubt they will be safe for wearing.. do not want to have athlete's foot..so better throw them away..so now I have 4 pair of shoe less.. =p
[YT's gonna faint when he sees this..wahaha]
Next thing on my list?? I need detachable bra, shoes and some new year goodies for my family n his family as well..
Yay.. can't believe CNY is just around the corner!! I can't wait...

Blood Diamond

We catched Blood Diamond by Leonardo Di Caprio last night. It was a good show. Not entirely a true story but such place and events do happen.
An eye opener on how diamonds are being mine. The story is about a black man being separated from his family and forced to work in a diamond mine. One day he found a big huge pink diamond (along this show, it was said to be about 100carat in size. I was like wow.. a 1carat will cost SGD$24K, I'll let your imagination do the thinking of this rare pink diamond).
Anyway, all the killings and struggle of the blacks is really heart breaking. Those kids being forced to be rebels and kill the innocents.
After watching this movie, I realise how precious diamonds are. Those long hours under scorching sun, bloods from their hands.. no wonder they are so expensive. But because of the saying that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", many still purchase diamonds hence the continuation of exploitation.
Even before this movie, I told YT that I will not buy diamond. It is not my best friend. Hah... I want something else that other's don't usually have. He'll just have to put on an extra big thinking cap.
Catch this movie ah.. it's worth watching..Heh, I sound like a movie critic. 4 popcorns lar..



Something cropped up this weekend that prompted me to make last minute changes to my planned plans. Supposed to go back this weekend to attend a very good friend's wedding. Been waiting for him to get married and finally he is and yet I did not get to attend his wedding. I feel sad. He is furious for the obvious reason.. hahaha. But work commitments is my priority at the moment. Heh
Mabbe I should schedule my facial to be this weekend since YT needs to work on Sunday.
Been raining incessantly these few days. I have not wash any clothes since 2 weeks ago! Gasp.. that shows how many tonnes of clothes I have.. and I always have the urge to buy more and I am always complaining of "I have nothing to wear" or "I need something to match with this" or my favourite "I have not bought shoes for very long time". Everytime I utter this, YT will go "Har??" or "Oh no.. it triggers you again.. yeah yeah, you have not bought any shoes for quite some time" . 2 months to be exact. Hahaha..
Valentine's Day is around the corner. Have to spend some time thinking what to get him.. guys very difficult-lah. Hahaha. Then CNY is approaching. I need to buy some clothes for CNY as well. That's the difficult part. If I am not in the mood for shopping, I will be very lazy to even try out any clothes, but if I am in the mood, I will spend n spend n spend. Bad habit!
This Saturday, after lunch, will meet YT cos I need to drop by Zara to alter a pants that I just purchase 2 weeks ago during their sale. It's always very worthy to purchase from Zara during their sales period compare to MNG. Bias but that's the fact! Quality is much better too. YT even began to like Zara Men as well.. I bought him 2 shirts last year and he himself bought another one recently..hehe I am a bad influence!!!
This CNY will be a quiet affair. Bro will not be around. He will be in Mexico for biz trip. Poor him will be alone during CNY. He is now in Pig Sea (Zhuhai), China for work as well. I wonder how is he taking it.. not that I have never travelled alone before, but somehow, the feeling is diff.. Mom will be bored cos usually my bro is the one that 'kacau' her the most..hehehe.. Mabbe I should take up that role this year!
Back to work.. getting busier nowadays which is a good signal. I have quota to meet this year..hahaha


Lately, actually not really lately, it is since the roll-out of 2FA and TAM, I have lost the motivation to work. There seems to be no challenge at work. It is always enhancements, enhancements and enhancements. I need something bigger, something more challenging to see if I am suitable to be in this field..
I admit that year 2006 is a fruitful year. Awarded with Best Employee, increment and promotion as well. All thanks for the success of the current project in Singapore. I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. This customer always will have enhancements, will always give us the $$$... it can be anyone, so why me?
Arrggh... I could be like this because I am quite free at the moment, hence the thoughts running wild. Mabbe time to switch? But shouldn't I give this present company another chance? Hmmm...till I sort out my thoughts.

Back to Klang

I am back to Malaysia for 4 days. Partly for work, partly for my family. Have not been home for quite some time, since December I think. Somehow it felt longer than usual. Could it be because it is 2006 then 2007?
I miss Yong Teck alot! Somehow it is so different without him around. Though he don't talk much (yep, I am the one that is always talking non-stop) but still miss his presence (yep, he always make his presence felt..wahahahaha). Anyway, the saying goes "Absence makes the heart fonder" so just let him miss me too (wonder did he miss me??)
These few days will be alot of eating and be merry. Mom's cooking yam tonight. My favourite. Wonder what will she cook tomorrow? Saturday is big makan day..hehe. My colleagues are all coming (not all) to KL and we will be going out for seafood dinner, bah kut teh, etc etc etc..oh oh oh..before I forgot, still gotta go color my hair. It look's so black! Not to mention a few white hair is sprouting out, darn! Age is really catching up and I don't CARE! hehe
Gotta stop blogging now, back to continuing my test scripts. Sometimes I wonder why must I be doing FSDs, test scripts, testings, etc etc etc and at the same time still gotta manage those bunch of ppl.. but manage ur boss, ur peers n urself!


I finally manage to drag myself to yoga after nearly 3 months of absence. Went for Yoga Therapy last night. Instructor Raaj was good..he actually thought us a way of breathing which left my abdomen really painful this morning (a sign that my muscle is worked!) :)
I finally bought a branded bag..though it is not a big ticket item, it is still branded. COACH wristlet which I bought from Yahoo! Auction for $120. It's a steal.. no worries, it's authentic cos many ppl actually recommended her. I have yet to have time to take a pic of it.. will do so tonight and post it up. Frankly, I should not be spending $$$ on branded stuff. My mom always says that the more a person earn, his / her quality of life will change. I can't imagine how I can survive with RM1.5K previously.. SGD2K, SGD2.5K etc etc etc and now, I earn more yet I have balance close to zero every mth :( - this only prove one thing, my financial control is really bad!!!! hahaha..
Hence, my year 2007 resolution: To curb excessive spending. I have reach an age whereby I must have savings for rainy days!

Living in Singapore

As I was wandering myself off the usual BAU that I am supposed to be doing, I chanced upon the URA site (Urban Redevelopment Authority). It shows information such as current property market price, upcoming property to be launched, etc etc etc. Mind you, these are actually private property. Prices are exhorbitant!
Looking for a property is no easy feat. There are so many considerations considering we will be purchasing one in Singapore. There are millions of policy to remember, millions of rules and regulations to follow and we have gazillion of questions to be answered! Are we eligible for grants ($40K leh...), can we opt of HDB loan (2.6% fixed interest), can we buy certain flat sizes? Gosh.. as me and Yong Teck are freshies, we know nutz!! Hahaha
One thing for sure, we do not want to be slave to the new property. We want our lovenest, renovated to feel cosy cos both of us are really home-bodies, we like to 'nuah' around..watch tv the whole day or me fully absorbed into doing jigsaw puzzles..but at the same time also want to enjoy the luxury of having enough savings for rainy days! Yeah..I actually feel matured writing that down..hehehe
Areas to be considered: Sengkang, Buangkok, Bedok (cos it is near his parents place..), Simei, Tampines, Pasir Ris. All these areas are encapsulating our working place, saving transportation cost.
At the same time, we are also considering purchasing a weekend car.. for us to zip around, but if our financial do not allow us to do so, we may do without a car..taxi is always an option for us!
We will have all our queries answered after CNY cos we will be going down to HDB Hub to take a look and kepoh kepoh abit.. Hopefully, luck is on our side and we can get a flat for $200K..tat will solve all problems!

First posting

First posting of this blog.. n I get the honor to write it first, hehehe. Now, not that I did not give Yong Teck a chance to pen down his thoughts, but when I told him over lunch today, he gave me this really weird, questionable look. Can't decipher what that means, but...
Brief description of what this will be all about.. this will be our life story, beautiful moments together, daily (well..not exactly daily) but significant moments of our life..
It was at the least expected place that we both met.. I guess Grapevine will always have a special place in our heart. We try to frequent there as many times as possible, simply because of their red wine rib-eye steak which Yong Teck lurves so much, their grilled oyster with cheese, chix wings and not forgetting Fosters beer..hehehe
It was during World Cup 2006, a match between Argentina vs Germany, with him wearing blue, I suppose he is supporting Argentina while myself Germany, just because Olivier Kahn was playing..hehehe
He did not give me a good impression because he is loud, even when we were playing games, he kept shouting (now I know it is because he was drunk..haha) but he did leave a print on my heart after that night.. we weren't formally introduced but I knew his name from a friend.
Another outing and a date later and much more hours of phone calls and 20 emails exchanging between us a day sealed the future. We never looked back since!