Something cropped up this weekend that prompted me to make last minute changes to my planned plans. Supposed to go back this weekend to attend a very good friend's wedding. Been waiting for him to get married and finally he is and yet I did not get to attend his wedding. I feel sad. He is furious for the obvious reason.. hahaha. But work commitments is my priority at the moment. Heh
Mabbe I should schedule my facial to be this weekend since YT needs to work on Sunday.
Been raining incessantly these few days. I have not wash any clothes since 2 weeks ago! Gasp.. that shows how many tonnes of clothes I have.. and I always have the urge to buy more and I am always complaining of "I have nothing to wear" or "I need something to match with this" or my favourite "I have not bought shoes for very long time". Everytime I utter this, YT will go "Har??" or "Oh no.. it triggers you again.. yeah yeah, you have not bought any shoes for quite some time" . 2 months to be exact. Hahaha..
Valentine's Day is around the corner. Have to spend some time thinking what to get him.. guys very difficult-lah. Hahaha. Then CNY is approaching. I need to buy some clothes for CNY as well. That's the difficult part. If I am not in the mood for shopping, I will be very lazy to even try out any clothes, but if I am in the mood, I will spend n spend n spend. Bad habit!
This Saturday, after lunch, will meet YT cos I need to drop by Zara to alter a pants that I just purchase 2 weeks ago during their sale. It's always very worthy to purchase from Zara during their sales period compare to MNG. Bias but that's the fact! Quality is much better too. YT even began to like Zara Men as well.. I bought him 2 shirts last year and he himself bought another one recently..hehe I am a bad influence!!!
This CNY will be a quiet affair. Bro will not be around. He will be in Mexico for biz trip. Poor him will be alone during CNY. He is now in Pig Sea (Zhuhai), China for work as well. I wonder how is he taking it.. not that I have never travelled alone before, but somehow, the feeling is diff.. Mom will be bored cos usually my bro is the one that 'kacau' her the most..hehehe.. Mabbe I should take up that role this year!
Back to work.. getting busier nowadays which is a good signal. I have quota to meet this year..hahaha

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