Last Christmas..

2008 mark the first year of me and hubby celebrating Christmas at our love nest. It is also the last year we will be celebrating as a couple because come next year, Zachary Tan will be part of our celebration.

We want to make the most out of it - spending quality time with hubby before the arrival of our little tyke as we both knew once Zach is born, we will have little time for ourself but most of our time will be devoted to our precious...
We have alot of questions running through our heads while putting up the tree earlier, will Zach be as excited as daddy and mummy? Will he spoil the tree by pulling and tugging all the ornaments? How many pressies will daddy and mummy buy for our precious? I will prob be the one that is splurging for him - alr made a list; train set, racing car, etc etc..anything that he want! Oooppss.. I hope I will not spoil him...hahaha

Hubby brought out the tree earlier this year since I am really having difficulty walking and squatting with my big tummy and swollen feet..

Fixing the tree

Spreading out the branches

Tree is in place with all ornaments hung

Yeay!! Our lighted tree - isn't it beautiful?

Blown up!

I celebrated my 32nd birthday today - a day earlier as hubby needs to do his revision for his exam on Monday.
This year's celebration really went overboard!! I've got an iPhone, a baby bag, baby's 4D scan and I get to watch Avenue Q as well.. the seat that hubby got us is good.
I can't help but to look back at how I celebrated my birthday for the past 2 years.. I was horrified at how much I've changed. To be exact, how much I've ballooned!! Jia lat, wonder can I get back that look..wishful thinking
How I fared:



Halloween Gourd

We were at KLCC's Cold Storage last week when I saw these funny looking Halloween gourd which is really an eye-opener. Hehe

HIndrance at feet

For the first time in my life I have a bandaged feet. I could not recall when did I hurt myself but I could only remember my right feet hurt after shopping at Robinsons Centrepoint 3 weeks ago! Yeap.. it hurts since then and it was swollen since then. Don't ask me how I withstand the pain daily walking from Clark Quay to Raffles Place every day to and fro and still manage to squat, etc etc..

The last straw came 2 days ago when I felt the pain became unbearable when I climb up and down from stairs. Hubby brought me to an acupuncture shop at Bedok today and he confirmed that I have indeed sprained my vein and it was swollen...he is also amazed that I can last that long..hahaha.. Alright, I have very high pain threshold, which is good!

A few rub and pull, hopefully by tomorrow the bandage can be removed else I can't do alot of things at home as I can't wet my feet..sigh!

All fired up

National Day 2008 was especially meaningful! On the actual day, we were at Amara Sanctuary Resort and juz last week, we went to the floating platform to watch was raining from morning till evening and even when we were watching the fireworks, umbrellas, ponchos were all taken out.

Show was very spectacular and the pictures show it all..

On Cloud 9

I am the happiest wife today!! I tried my hand at cooking curry again tonight and it was a success!

I know I made it when hubby requested for a second helping of rice..hehehe. What made it sweeter is his comment "Eating with you on weekend prevents me from feeling lonesome esp if you cook".. Hahaha.. He was alone last week, hence he went back to his mom's place for dinner but when he came home, he is all alone and he must have felt lonely!

It certainly did motivate me to try cooking something new every weekend (if time permits)..I have a few in mind alr and it will be still a surprise for my dearest hubby.

Sentosa, Here We Come!

As part of our 2nd anniversary celebration, we booked a room at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. Partly to get away from the crowd and to spend some quality time together.

We went for the monorail services from Vivocity after our hearty lunch of fried hokkien mee and roti prata each.. (and to think that I was still feeling hungry after that..)

This is where we queue to buy the tix - snaking long queue!

Crowd control was good to ensure that the ride from Vivo to Sentosa is as comfy as possible

During the ride, the monorail stopped for us to take a quick view on the Resorts World construction progress..

Buses ploughing the various routes bringing visitors ard the island - we were on the Yellow Line bus bringing us to..

We toured the resort but found that it was pretty small but cosy..view from their rooftop pool is amazing but abit too hot though - we saw some forming clouds though.

Retreated back to our room for our afternoon nap (we did not venture out very far from Sentosa since I get tired easily), we received a pleasant surprise!!

PEACOCK!! What a beautiful creature.. not only one but several were spotted lazing ard outside our room - hubby was busy snapping away. I consider ourself lucky to be able to see this beautiful creature up close!

Love of my life.. he snapped many many nice pictures which I will upload once I get hold of them.
Happy Anniversary dearest... we did not get anything for each other because we have the greatest gift of all, our baby boy and he gave us a very special gift last night which brought tears of joy to both of us!!

Waiting for shuttle service from Amara Sanctuary to Vivocity - after checking out.

Our 2nd Anniversary

Today marked the 2nd year me and hubby got together.. how are we celebrating it? We are going to checked into Amara Sanctuary for some private time together *wink! wink!*

The last 2 weeks has been crazy for both of us, we din really have much time to spend with each other so this weekend will be some quality time.

I still remember way back in 2006 on this day, he called me the day before saying that since it is a public holiday he will come over to my place with breakfast and we will watch the National Day parade together.. He came wearing his Netherlands jersey, blue Adidas sunglass looking very stylo with his big breakfast and beancurd for me..the day passes by and the rest is history and here we are now, registered and expecting our child by this year-end.

Some may say it is like a whirlwind romance but to us, we felt like it is a lifetime together and still going strong..

Dear, may we have many many years to come to celebrate National Day together!! Love you..

The Dark Knight

"If I happen to fall asleep in the cinema, please don't be surprise, k?" This was what hubby told me late afternoon when we were at Cathay @ Downtown East with me wanting to watch The Dark Knight. I pouted "You don't like to watch Batman?" which he shook his head but I am still happy that he is willing to accompany me. I did not even want to watch Indiana Jones with him the last time instead he caught Sex In the City with me! lovable hubby for u. Always giving in to his wife..

The show is great and not draggy! Even hubby was wide awake the whole time, though at some point the killing were abit ruthless.. the late Heath Ledger played Joker and we both agreed he did a very good potrayal of him. Could it be his hair? Even the voice is different. It is a must watch movie! We will watch Batman Begins tomorrow at Channel 5..hehe

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Tomorrow is another day where we both will 'nua' at home, where wife will make sandwich for breakfast followed by doing laundry and some ironing then off to her pampering facial while hubby will go to his parent's place for mahjong session. Mom-in-law will be preparing Tom Yam Steamboat for dinner!! Yummy.. my 2nd steamboat dinner in 3 days.

Shopping spree

Mom and dad was in town over the weekend and what's better to do than go shopping and eating?

Day 1 - Friday night
Ate porridge (light meal) so that I can eat durian (my dad bought D24 - with buttery taste & Mao Shan Wang) . Finished 2 boxes among 5 of us but no prize for guessing who clean up the left-overs - MUA!

Day 2 - Saturday (9am - 10.30pm)
We headed to Orchard after my checkup at Dr. Soong. First stop, Meritus Mandarin's Chatterbox for Chicken Rice - current promo, 2 rice set for $40, inclusive of 2 lime juice and a plate of vegetables. Dad had Lobster Laksa - which he said is only so-so..
Next up, Takashimaya LV to look at their diaper bag. Still thinking whether to get a Neverfull as a diaper bag or Gucci diaper bag - both costs abt $1K plus. We went to almost all the branded stores at both Taka and Paragon, not sure why but it gives me some sense of satisfaction. Hahaha..
Verne was telling me that Robinson's Centrepoint has a floor dedicated for infants to kids, decided to pay a visit. Total damage: $121.. we bought a Fisher-Price Rocker, NUK Glass Bottle, 2 sets of baby's mitten and booties in plain white and cute statements and a really cute bootie. We settled dinner at East Coast Food Lagoon, we ordered more than we can finish, Satay, Fried Oyster, Prawn Noodles, Chicken Wings, BBQ Stingray & Squid, Rojak!!! All for the 5 of us..hahaha
We finish off the day with grocery shopping at NTUC - since dad drove, decided to buy more bulky items. Hehehe and playing Wii with dad till midnite.

Day 3 - Sunday (9.30am - 3pm)
We left home after a light breakfast to Vivo. Not that those shops are opened, but as my elder sis says, make full use of the time, not sure for wat..but...
First half of the shopping were quiet for us, none of us bought anything! Then I broke the spell by buying a necklace from Martina Pink. After spending nearly an hour at Daiso, we went for lunch and then Let-the-Shopping-Begin.
Mom and elder sis spent nearly $600bucks in a shop itself!!!! *Gasp*..but luckily there is a 50% storewide discount. Both bought a pair of Adidas shoe each and sis even went C & K for another pair of slipper.. She's the winner!!
Mommy Kath did not lose her 2nd spot, bought a pair of rompers and a shirt from Pumpkin Patch and a set of pyjamas and rompers from Baby Gap. Total spending for baby: $130. Will stop buying those branded clothes for baby. Time to tone it down..hahah

Sweet Indulgence 1

Parents came down to SG for a visit and as usual, mom will not come empty handed!!

She marinated few pcs of her best pork chop (secret recipe), a full box of chicken wings, few herbs for boiling soups, etc etc..

Of course, my dad will only buy one thing, DURIAN!!! They were the best I've eaten, even better than "Cat Mountain King" Hahaha.. a picture to let you drool..

Bitter-sweet durian!! I was the one that clean up everything

Parteee Time!!

Today's bbq party was made possible after months of planning and meeting up and budgeting and reminders being sent, etc etc etc...J even booked the chalet @ Aloha Loyang 2 mths in advance so that no one will chicken out last minute and menu was decided month before today.
BBQ isn't bbq if there is no one in charge of starting the fire - who could do a better job than Piggy (Dawn's significant other). He done such a good job, that none of our chicken wings were charred by the fire.

Marcus with Dawn (he's assembling the charcoal!)

Who's the chef?? Andy of course, they came just in time to start cooking. As I am preggy, I don't have to do much but sit down and wait to be fed.. Naturally I feel bad as I am being served soya milk by LT and Eileen and food by my dearest hubby.

Andy with the wok (oopss..tongs)

Gary & Lay Ting

Andy & Shu Yan (Tiger??!!?)

Mommy Kath & Yong Teck

Marcus & Dawn

We were smart of us to order the right amount of food. No leftovers!!! Who could have imagined.. everything is just nice. We finish eating by 8-ish and all decided to have some fun with Nintendo Wii..hehehe, some of them are first timers, it was hilarious watching them..

Battle of the fitness!

Getting so many of us to take a group pix is no easy feat!!!

We're definitely rowdier than this...

That's more like it..

Now... this is the bunch!!

So Angry

I was so pissed off yesterday morning! I was super hungry and was contemplating whether to have prata or bee hoon, so I was standing in between. The lady at the bee hoon stall stood there for a while and then went back to do her own stuff. Hubby said wanted to eat bee hoon, so we moved to the stall. The same lady said in Malay (translated) "Just now stand there she don't wanna order, now want to order".. inside me, I was abit pissed cos can't I choose what to eat? So I ordered bee hoon and told her I am eating in, she took bee hoon and then proceed to take a scoop of kuay teow (which I did not order..) who eat bee hoon with kuay teow anyway? So I told her, "I din order kuay teow leh.." You know what that lady did? She took out all the bee hoon and proceed to give me all kuay teow... wah liao.. furious she plain D**B or D**F..immediately I said "Forget it, I am not buying from you liao.." Wah liao..she got more fierce than me and said "You said you want kuay teow.." &^$%#@$ luckily hubby was beside me, else, I sure scold her like mad.. end up wif McDonald.. so sick of it..

Of course not all bad over the weekend.. this blog has really turned into my cooking skill blog! Hahaha.. I tried my hand into cooking sweet & sour pork - both hubby and my fave!! Nice came out exactly like the pix from the recipe book (courtesy fr my mom - thanks mommy...!!)

That's steamed broccoli with cheese at the background - recommended by my neighbour

And today, as there are leftover rice, it is fried rice time!!! Yummy..another success

This pix is taken by hubby using his new Nikon SLR.. fyi, he is still trying out how to operate this gadget..hopefully he will get it right and can start shooting nicer pix of me instead of this one..

Depleting moolah

Ah..the long long long overdue entry that has been sitting in the Draft folder for almost a week now.

GSS has started since 23rd May which means my credit limit is dwindling every week..wahahaha! There are so many things to purchase so tempting..

Total shoes bought last month: 5 pairs but only 2 out of 3 is comfortable enough..see the problem here?? Too many unused pair of shoes sitting in my shoe cabinet!

The biggest ticket item purchased must be my Tempur pillow that cost me $300bucks before discount but still abit pricey. Nevertheless, worth the price as I hv really good sleep with no shoulder ache or back ache or head ache..Again, I have several pillow stashed away as I purchased them only to find it not 'ngam' for usual!!!

I do want want to post up the pix of what other stuff I have bought over the past few days but I can say is that I have bought enough tops and bottoms to last me for 2 weeks!! Crazee...
Thanks to Lay Ting, I tried my hands on preparing Emperor Chicken, yummy yummy!!!! It's yet another success -

It's a success!

After a failed attempt at cooking 2 weeks ago (cold tofu and uncooked vege), I tried another round of Chinese food today! This time round, it was a success!

Menu of the day: Braised pork with egg and stir-fry chye sim with satay meat

Dear love the braised pork (we bought pork belly so the meat is very tender) with some fatty meat on it..hehehe

Braised pork in making

The end dish - yummy!

Stir-fry chye sim with satay meat - this time round the vege is fully cooked!

On my mind now, what's for dinner next Sunday?

Delicious Claypot Rice

I saw in AFC channel some time back recommending several places in Singapore that serves good chicken claypot rice - one of my all-time fave!
Hubby finished his exam today, what better to do than to drag him to try on one of the recommended place @ Geylang Lrg 33..
Being the ever smart wife, I called hours earlier to request them to prepare the claypot before we arrive..however my smartness stops there cos we alighted at Kallang station and end up walking 45minutes (from Lorong 1 to Lorong 33!!!).. poor hubby was sweating away..hahaha *sorry dearest!*

Dear sweating away..
The walk is well worth it.. it is so so so delicious leh!! Can't get enough of it, I cleaned out the whole pot!

Look so yummy hor - trust me, it is NICE!! But need to wait 30mins above hor..

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day!! Wishing all mothers out there Happy Mommy Day... Stayed home to cook a nice meal for hubby and myself. We tried using the high-oil consumption deep fryer to fry some chicken wings - now we do not know what to do with the half-bottle of oil that is being used!

Of course, celebration is not complete if mother and mother-in-law is not treated for dinner. Went to Meritus Mandarin Chatterbox for their to die for Mandarin Chicken Rice! Yummy...

Now that they move up to 38th/39th floor, the view is absolutely panaromic!

Hubby n myself @ Gloria Jeans before Iron Man starts

When I was back in Klang last week, we had a BBQ dinner - tried out the new electric bbq oven my mom bought! Very good, abit small though but no smoke and it is really fuss free!!

The gals that made it happen - my younger sis, Melinda and elder sis, Aileen!

My mom can make a real yummy pork chop! Another one pls..Aileen made 'chicken cordon bleu' in kebab style, wrapped in bacon, did not take a pic cos once out fr the grill, it's gone!

These Sri Lankan crabs were steamed and boy they were big!

Corns that my mom bought is so much sweeter than those sold in NTUC - dun ask me why..