Shopping spree

Mom and dad was in town over the weekend and what's better to do than go shopping and eating?

Day 1 - Friday night
Ate porridge (light meal) so that I can eat durian (my dad bought D24 - with buttery taste & Mao Shan Wang) . Finished 2 boxes among 5 of us but no prize for guessing who clean up the left-overs - MUA!

Day 2 - Saturday (9am - 10.30pm)
We headed to Orchard after my checkup at Dr. Soong. First stop, Meritus Mandarin's Chatterbox for Chicken Rice - current promo, 2 rice set for $40, inclusive of 2 lime juice and a plate of vegetables. Dad had Lobster Laksa - which he said is only so-so..
Next up, Takashimaya LV to look at their diaper bag. Still thinking whether to get a Neverfull as a diaper bag or Gucci diaper bag - both costs abt $1K plus. We went to almost all the branded stores at both Taka and Paragon, not sure why but it gives me some sense of satisfaction. Hahaha..
Verne was telling me that Robinson's Centrepoint has a floor dedicated for infants to kids, decided to pay a visit. Total damage: $121.. we bought a Fisher-Price Rocker, NUK Glass Bottle, 2 sets of baby's mitten and booties in plain white and cute statements and a really cute bootie. We settled dinner at East Coast Food Lagoon, we ordered more than we can finish, Satay, Fried Oyster, Prawn Noodles, Chicken Wings, BBQ Stingray & Squid, Rojak!!! All for the 5 of us..hahaha
We finish off the day with grocery shopping at NTUC - since dad drove, decided to buy more bulky items. Hehehe and playing Wii with dad till midnite.

Day 3 - Sunday (9.30am - 3pm)
We left home after a light breakfast to Vivo. Not that those shops are opened, but as my elder sis says, make full use of the time, not sure for wat..but...
First half of the shopping were quiet for us, none of us bought anything! Then I broke the spell by buying a necklace from Martina Pink. After spending nearly an hour at Daiso, we went for lunch and then Let-the-Shopping-Begin.
Mom and elder sis spent nearly $600bucks in a shop itself!!!! *Gasp*..but luckily there is a 50% storewide discount. Both bought a pair of Adidas shoe each and sis even went C & K for another pair of slipper.. She's the winner!!
Mommy Kath did not lose her 2nd spot, bought a pair of rompers and a shirt from Pumpkin Patch and a set of pyjamas and rompers from Baby Gap. Total spending for baby: $130. Will stop buying those branded clothes for baby. Time to tone it down..hahah

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